REVIEW: Sara Happ The Lip Scrub

August 27, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

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If this little box doesn’t bring joy to your heart, you’re loitering dangerously close to Scrooge territory. I’ve been longing to test out Sara Happ’s lip scrub which is practically impossible to find outside of the US. I assumed that lip scrubs were all the same; flavoured sugar that ended up becoming a light snack. I used to swear by Lush’s lip scrub (I still highly recommend this) but could never quite talk myself into spending $25+ on a pot of sugar when a toothbrush could do the trick for a fraction of the cost. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Barbara Martelo

August 19, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

Buckle up girls, autumn is swiftly approaching and whilst I’m not ready for the start of another grim and gloomy London winter I am excited for transitional dressing. Summer should have left us all with a healthy glow and the turn in weather should be no reason for us to hide the beautiful tan that we spent months nurturing over summer. Miniskirts with sandals and a light jacket is the perfect way to slowly wave goodbye to summer, as the days get shorter, the nights get darker and the temperature drops just be sure to add a few extra layers (tights, a cardigan, maybe even a woven scarf).


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Summer Beauty Favourites

August 10, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

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For most of us, summer means our beauty routine goes back to basics (unless you were the girl I was sitting next to on the beach in St Tropez kitted out in fake lashes, a full red lip and more clip in hair extensions than at a Haifa Wehbe concert). Even for a night out I prefer letting sun kissed skin shine through and using minimal products. I have a small selection of favourites that I’ve been toting around the world with me this summer that haven’t let me down thus far.

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The Real Thing

August 8, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

I’ve gone through some enormous milestones in the past few months, a lot good and some devastating. It’s all lead me to the same conclusion; that we need to value the love we have in our lives and treat everyone with kindness and respect.


We live in a world filled with daily atrocities both on our doorstep and in the farthest away corners of the globe. I’m ashamed to say that at some point in my life I didn’t have the knowledge, understanding and compassion to view all people as equals, after all we are all cut from the same cloth regardless of our skin colour, race, religion, nationality, income and sexual preference. What makes us all so amazing is our differences and the choices that we make. It is our responsibility to celebrate our differences, learn from them and teach others the importance of respect. These things are lightyears more important than swinging the latest Chanel bag on your arm and buying a new pair of $1,200 shoes every week. So next time you find yourself consumed over what you read in the pages of Vogue, just stop and remember to show an act of kindness and love, it truly is the only thing that matters.

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Psycle London

July 29, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

Something inexplicable has happened, I have become a gym addict. My mood slumps on my off days which I often have to force myself to have. Gyms have no longer become a place of pain and dread for me but a tool to feel fantastic, improve my body and release a boatload of stress. My gym routine varies from taking various pilates classes, boxing, spinning, weight training & conditioning and barre classes however after making the daily pilgrimage to my gym, it’s often nice to have a change of scene.

Barry’s Bootcamp was my first choice but the horrendous location, lack of parking and issues of paying to be yelled at quickly crushed that notion (on a side note it’s definitely time to open a location that doesn’t make you want to want to move to rural Shropshire after spending hours searching for a parking space or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic outside Euston). My next port of call was Psycle. I’m no stranger to spinning classes, one of the first places to visit on my list in Northern California was Soulcycle over Napa and in Dubai it was Flywheel over indoor skiing. Both were incredibly fun but tough workouts (the best kind).


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Beauty on the Go: Face

July 22, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

Packing up skincare, haircare, makeup and supplements takes me ten times longer than it takes to bulldoze through my closet and decide on what gets the magic ticket to come on vacation with me. Condensing my encyclopaedic collection into three small(ish) travel bags is a real skill it in its own right.

Firstly since using my Laura Mercier makeup organiser my travels have instantly improved – no that’s not grossly exaggerated. For the first instalment of my travel series I’m going to share what face or base products made the cut. Bearing in mind I have been spending the past three weeks in the gym or on the beach and haven’t actually used any of this stuff. I also didn’t pack for full blown glam (which is not my cup-of-tea during warmer months.


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Review: Alpha-H Liquid Gold

July 18, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

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This little treasure has been in my beauty arsenal for a while now and it certainly hasn’t hit cult status for no reason.

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Review: Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque

July 14, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

I’ve been on the long road towards repairing parched and damaged strands for some time now. The first step I’ve made is to add roots in my natural hair colour and just stick to balayaging the top section of my hair twice a year instead of every six weeks. I have noticed a huge amount of growth since and a fullness in my hair that I thought wasn’t ever in the cards for me.

On my mission towards long, healthy hair I have developed a slight penchant for hoarding various treatments and conditioners. Alterna’s Caviar line had been something that I have seen around and always been interested in trying.41YF4vZNR-L

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Review: Bobbi Brown Beach

July 11, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

It’s probably safe to say that everyone loves summer. Tanned skin, beachy hair, freckles (my dermatologist will kill me), cotton nightgowns as summer dresses and beer at sunset, it doesn’t really get much better. Imagine my excitement when I learnt about Bobbi Brown’s Beach fragrance which promises to take us back to golden sand, refreshing salty water and the warmth of the summer sun. Instead of ordering this on the double online, I decided to test it out on my next visit to Nordstrom. What a good decision that was.


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