Dr Sebagh – Breakout Spot-On

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I left California last week for the heat of Dubai. In practice two long haul flights, the worlds worst sleep pattern and stress from wedding planning should automatically equal bad skin; the reality has unfortunately been even worse. I’m one of the lucky ones who calls two little hormonal spots a landslide breakout however the wrath my skin had planned for me upon my arrival was something else.

I normally pack an entire pharmacy with me (along with mountains of clothes, shoes for every occasion, enough hair tools to put Nicky Clarke to shame and more gym clothes you can shake a stick at), however in a bid to be a responsible adult (which I don’t recommend), I discarded all my frivolities and brought what I deemed to be a necessity. Boy was I wrong.


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Makeup Remover

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The first step to every girls evening routine should be removing every trace of makeup. During my teenage years, my idea of a successful cleanse at night was returning from a Bacardi Breezer bender and using a cleansing cloth to take off the three miles of black eyeliner that had been applied hours before. Looking back, I’m surprised (and grateful) that I never had problem skin.

In order to maintain and promote healthy, glowing skin it’s important to keep your skin as clean as possible, the first step to every evening skincare regimen should be removing the piles of makeup that have been sitting on our faces for the entirety of the day. These are my favourite products and tools to get rid of any last remnants of a Kardashian-inspired makeup look.


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Lily Aldridge in Marc Jacobs

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If you’re not blatantly aware by now you’ll know I adore Lily Aldridge and her paired down style. She never looks overdone or like she’s following trends. This recent look in Marc Jacobs made my heart flutter. A black sheer lace dress would generally sound like something required to wear at the Playboy mansion but with minimal makeup, a floral crown and full coverage burgundy undies make this look ethereal and romantic.

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Favourite Lip Products: Spring 2014

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I generally don’t wear much makeup during the week except for special occasions or if I have a breakout worthy of terrifying young children. I do however have a weakness for lip products with lip balms being top of my list. When I’m planning on lacquering up my lips, I’ve found myself reaching for the below products.


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Rochas Jewelled Flat Shoes

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There is something quite spectacular about these flat shoes. They are the perfect marriage between practicality and glitz. I love jewel-toned metallics and the splash of stones on the front really make these the perfect comfortable option for a dressy event. I couldn’t imagine anything chicer than these paired with a beautiful aline summer dress swathed in beaded necklaces.


Available in a fondant fancy of colours from Matches (here).

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Isabel Marant Mila Boots

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If you’ve been reading this blog for more than 30 seconds you’re probably well aware that I’m a self-confessed Isabel Marant-a-holic. I love casual clothes with a twist that are interesting without being to over the top and flashy. Isabel Marant’s clothes are comfortable and always seem to clear out my bank account and overdraft each month. Clothes aside, Isabel Marant makes the most fabulous footwear (and I’m not talking about the wedge sneakers that are worn by everybody and their mothers; yours truly included). Each season without fail I bring home a pair (or two) of boots. My favourites right now are the buttery soft Mila boots (see above). These come in black and tan and can either be completely covered in studs (or below), partially or none at all (above).


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Spring Nail Polishes

March 29, 2014   -   2 comments   -  

 I’m going through a funny phase with my nails. Never before have I been so drawn to having short, clean, natural nails. This is a huge departure from my usual burgundy reds, nudes and bright red (Jelly Apple from Essie is by far my favourite) on long almond shaped talons. Having said that, I have also been experimenting with colours that I’ve never tried before and enjoying looking down at my hands. Below are my current six favourite shades of late. All would look beautiful on hands or on feet and are tried and tested by yours truly.

photo 1

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Lanvin SS14

March 28, 2014   -   0 comments   -  


 Lanvin’s SS14 collection has to be one of my favourite collections from Alber Elbaz of late. The beautiful metallic pieces in sparkling jewel tone colours would make anyone want to put their dancing shoes on. It’s a little Gatsby and a little Studio 54 which all in all sounds like the perfect party.

Balmain backstage at Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 Collections

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Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

March 25, 2014   -   0 comments   -  

I’m currently on a mission to grow hair that would make Rapunzel green with envy. I’ve cut down on highlights, styling products and using heat on my hair in order to reach hair mecca. I’ve had great luck using hair oils (post to follow) however I am yet to find a hair mask that I can’t live without (other than pre-shampooing treatment Elasticizer).


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