Beauty Resolutions for 2015

Every time January 1st rolls around, I’m guilty of making a mental list of resolutions and changes I want to make for the upcoming year. In most cases, these tend to last a few weeks and get disregarded for the remaining 11 months of the year. This year (amongst unrealistic goals I have set) I have decided to tweak my beauty and health routine to make my 2015 a little brighter, healthier and well….tighter.

1. Deep Condition

I’m pretty diligent about conditioning my hair however after cutting off five inches of hair I’m determined to grow out my hair as quickly and as long as possible. Pressing the reset button and having a few inches of your hair lopped off might sound terrifying but it’s the only way to really start the lengthy process of reaching hair nirvana. Once a week, I want to make an extra effort to deep condition my hair. So far I have alternated between using coconut oil and Philip Kingsley Elasticiser. I apply both of these before bedtime and then twist my hair up into a topknot. When using coconut oil, I make sure that I heat it gently before use and massage it into the ends, lengths and roots of my hair (this makes a fantastic scalp treatment). After double shampooing hair, you’re left with healthy, spun silk. The Elasticiser will restore suppleness and shine as well as slowly restoring parched, chemically treated and damaged tresses. Hopefully this (along with avoiding heat products and any kind of hair dye) will result in long, shiny and healthy hair.

philip kingsley elasticiser

2. Moisturise

We all moisturise our faces morning and night and our bodies post-shower (hopefully), but I neglect moisturising my hands, cuticles and even lips regularly. I try to keep hand cream next to my bed, in my car and in my bag at all times just to remind me to constantly moisturise my hands. My current favourite is L’Occitane Rose Hand Cream as it’s buttery and thick and provides maximum moisture.

la mer lip balm

La Mer’s Lip Balm is a piece of heaven. This is outrageously expensive ($55 a pop) and unfortunately looks to become an expensive habit. This is the perfect pre-bedtime treat and nourishes chapped and dry lips throughout the night. This has managed to take pole position on my long list of favourite lip balms which is certainly no easy feat.

3. Stop Spending

Who else is guilty of not being able to go through an airport without picking up three nude lipsticks and the ‘perfect’ bronzer that will promise to keep up your Caribbean tan (FYI all bronzers make you look good after a two week vacation in the Bahamas)? Throughout the years, I have amassed a makeup collection that would be impossible for a team of drag queens to devour and with a big move on the way I plan on rediscovering old favourites and throwing out products that have been in my cosmetics arsenal since Shakira was still in the charts. Two weeks into the new year, I’ve managed to re-ignite my love for a few forgotten favourites:

Dior YSL Lipstick

 Dior Addict Lipstick in Nude (333)

This has sadly been discontinued but is a sheer, smooth and creamy formula that is effortless in application. This provides a put-together finish in a swipe. Try Casual Beige (222) for a similar colour.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Lip Balm 009 Cool Guava

Once you can get over the lengthy name (try saying that five times in a row after half a bottle of wine) this is a great sheer wash of colour to throw in your bag on a day to day basis. Like the Dior lipstick, this is incredibly easy to apply; this is a tinted lip balm with a rosy pink tint that adds an injection of life to your face. More importantly, this keeps my lips moisturised for hours on the trot (and the packaging isn’t half bad).

Cheek stain

Hourglass Aura Sheer Cheek Stain in Petal (Left)

I had neglected this for longer than I can even remember. This isn’t the easiest product to apply, I like to use a stippling brush to lightly add a natural looking flush to my cheeks (as opposed to 3rd degree burns) which instantly brightens up my face. Sadly this too has now been discontinued but I have also had great success with Tarte’s Cheek Stains. Pick Fearless for the closest match to Petal.

Pout Shimmer Stick

This was purchased so long ago, the line has now been discontinued. This provides a serious dose of luminosity to the face; I like to add this to my cheek bones, brow bones and on my cupids bow. Nars’ The Multiple in Copacabana is an exact dupe for this and paired with a cheek stain is a simple recipe for appearing healthy, dewy and glowing in the miserable winter weather.

4. Relax

Creating time and space for yourself is essential to leading a balanced and stress-free life. Everyday I want to try and do something to keep me focused, centred and as stress-free as possible. Whether this comes from taking a walk, drive or sitting down at home and flicking through a magazine with your favourite Dyptique candle burning and a cup of tea so be it. I have found real solace in exercising; moving for 30 minutes a day is a must for me in order to remain sane.

5. Protect

Sunscreen should be everyones motto for 2015. As I’m edging closer to my late 20s I am trying to undo the years spent slathering myself in olive oil until I was burnt to a crisp. Regardless of the weather report, I always make sure that I’m wearing an SPF when I leave the house with UV protection. I’m currently using SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV Defence SPF 30 which I’ve been forcefully remind myself to slap on every morning. This is easily absorbed, light, oil-free and won’t clog pores.

Clarins hair & body oil sunscreen

For the days that I’m soaking up the sun, I want to make sure I use sun-protectant on my hair so it doesn’t dry out and become brittle which tends to be the theme of each and every summer holiday I’ve ever taken. Clarins takes out the extra legwork by having a combined spray for hair and skin (Claris Sunscreen Care Oil Spray SPF 30 for Hair & Skin) so there is no need to lug around your entire bathroom to the beach.

What are your beauty resolutions for 2015?

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