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Capri Leg School™ at Grace Belgravia

The Capri Palace holds a special place in my heart; it’s where I was married two and a half years ago and spent many a summer working on a deep Italian tan by the pool with a fresh bellini in hand. Before my wedding, I spent a week at the Capri Beauty Farm primping and pruning myself in the spa having a tailor made programme made for me by the

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Sick Days

You’re in bed trying to figure out exactly who is who and what is what on Towie, you’ve got on day two pyjamas which are now covered in drops of tea and yesterdays jam on toast and the thought of running a brush through your hair is better left unexplored. We’ve all been there. Speaking from the comfort of my bed, nose running, eyes watering and throat burning I decided

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Down Time

My summer always starts with some downtime. Pyjama days spent with family, reruns of Gilligan’s Island and hours perusing where Lindsay Lohan spent her Saturday night on the Daily Mail. Downtime is the perfect way to decompress from the stresses and monotony of daily life and also incorporate a few extra steps into your beauty routine to ensure that when you’re finally ready to step out from hibernation you look

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To Buy List: February

My February beauty to-buy list is getting longer by the day. These are the products that I’m currently lusting after. 1. Rodin Luxury Face Oil There’s no disguising it; this stuff is expensive. Having said that, I am constantly hearing rave reviews on the stuff and if it’s good enough to be a supermodel staple then quite frankly it’s good enough for me. This has a whopping eleven essential oils

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