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Erin Wasson at Home

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6,113 total views, 1 views today

Mykonos Packing List

It’s been a while; between a trip to Sardinia, a one year old who has started running before she can walk and a needy husband, my blog has suffered. Never again, I promise. I’m getting ready to go to Mykonos for a week of sea, sun and probably too much tequila. Packing is most certainly an art form but planning outfits and planning ahead of time can make sure that

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Red on Red

Early on in the work week it’s never a bad thing to have a Ginger Rogers moment and dress up in swathes of chiffon. I realised when I got dressed that I may have gone slightly overboard with the red; red dress (check), red fingernails and toes (check, check), red clutch and the occasional red pom pom. This concern lasted a matter of seconds when I realised that my un-planned

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Interview: Zoe Onions of Peonica London

I’m pretty lucky to have some badass friends with spectacular style. Zoe and I have been friends for almost ten years and anyone who knows her wouldn’t be surprised that she’s recently started designing bags and accessories. Peonica London embodies Zoe’s personal style; whimsical, fun, glamorous yet bold and classic. What lead you to create Peonica London? Since a child I have always been obsessed with accessories and fashion. Creating

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