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Dancing Shoes

You know you’ve gotten older when your dream party dress covers as much of your body as possibly, isn’t remotely tight and has pockets. My 19 year old self would have hated me too. I’ve always loved Ulyana Sergeenko’s designs but never knew where to begin – it’s a nightmare to order from, the showroom is in Moscow and everything seems to cost the equivalent of a one bedroom in

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Online Wishlist

I’ve strangely found myself holding back from shopping recently. It’s always nice to take a step back, reevaluate what you already own, re-organise your wardrobe (in my case send half of it to The Real Real) and have a month where your banker isn’t sending you abuse emails. Once I’m ready to replenish the huge amount of space I’ve accumulated from purging my wardrobe I’ve got a list of potential purchases

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Normally, I would wear this with a pair of sneakers however I couldn’t resist to give my highly coveted Dior heels a spin. I hate buying into seasonal must-haves; Gucci’s fur slides were part of my uniform last year and was worth hunting down for – sadly not they’re on the feet of every other 20-something girl walking around Chelsea. These Dior heels are a break from my usual break-your-neck

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The Shopping Low Down

I’ve never felt the need to justify my purchases even though I certainly clock people questioning how I purchased a bag or picked apart my outfits on Instagram. I’m a savvy shopper; I always have been and always will be. It’s a rarity that I will pay full price on anything if I can help it. These are my tips for buying the things that you want without breaking the

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