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Going Meat Free For A Week

Meat Free Week starts today. Normally the first thing I would do is make myself a bacon butty and continue on as usual. This year I’ve decided to give it a go. I’ve always had wild dreams of becoming a raw vegan and waking up to a giant bowl of chopped fruit so this week was going to gently test me to see what I made of it. Meat Free

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Interview: Sarah Noor

I’m incredibly lucky to count numerous talents and up and coming designers as friends. I have previously featured interviews with creative friends including Victoria Baker-Harber of Elle-en-Jette, Leila Kashanipour of LeiVanKash and Alexandra Declaris. Sarah Alhassan is an equally gifted young designer who recently launched her line Sarah Noor which features delicate, classic pieces with a twist that will surely be at the top of every fashionistas Christmas list. She

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Travel Essentials: Health

After years of hopping from plane to plane I’ve finally mastered the perfect onboard kit. Whilst it’s incredibly important to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh for touch-down, making sure that you’re looking after yourself holds equal weight. There are a few products which without fail are always in my carry on, no matter how long or short the trip is. Partnered with a DIY facial at 20,000ft this routine

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Healthy Holiday Choices

Christmas will be here faster than you can name all of Santa Claus’ reindeer. With Christmas comes a load of holiday parties (translation, food and alcohol galore). There are ways to prepare for success during a gluttonous holiday season, these are the steps I will be taking this year to beat gaining a gut to rival Father Christmas. 1. Moderation Moderation is going to be your Christmas keyword (note: this

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