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Green Juice Recipe

  It’s no secret that I love all things green. I’m on a smoothie kick at the moment; these have (thankfully) replaced my afternoon latte. I don’t know if it’s the California heat but I’ve been loving a thicker smoothie as opposed to a juice. Making sure that I’m getting in as many greens as possible this is my current favourite recipe: Two handfuls of frozen kale A few pieces

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Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

Since I got pregnant, I’ve made a conscious effort to cook more and research exactly what I’m putting into my body. I have turned my back on food packed with additives, sodas and anything tinned/canned/packaged. Trying to use as many whole foods as possible has been on top of my priority list. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy cooking. The thought of spending hours in the kitchen slaving away leaves me in

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Hospital Bag

My due date is fast approaching. To celebrate the end of my pregnancy (and most likely my final pregnancy post) I wanted to write about what is stuffed inside my hospital bag. Other than the obvious bits and pieces (La Perla pyjamas, granny pants, nursing bras and snuggly granny slippers) I’ve managed to put together enough goodies to turn my hospital room into a Six Senses Spa sanctuary. First thing’s

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Exercising During Pregnancy

My gym routine has really manned up in the past 16 months. On the build up to my wedding I was training 5-6 times a week and even though I built more muscle that I was happy with (and not doing enough cardio), I found a great sense of wellbeing and a deeper connection with my body. It was this period that really created my relationship with exercise and has

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