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Fashionably Fit

Much like brushing my teeth or washing my face, exercise is part of my daily routine. Even on my ‘off’ days, I like to make sure that I’m moving (having a baby really helps me get outside and on the go). When the gym was unknown territory to me and a Smith machine seemed like a medieval torture device, I was happy to wear my fathers old t-shirts, a pair of leggings

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The Part-Time Vegan

My pregnancy journey really showed me the importance of what you put into your body. My first trimester I started a semi-exclusive relationship with sugar laden snacks, a morning plate of cinnamon raisin bagels covered in reduced fat butter (a big no no), sodas, chocolate digestive biscuits and a few midnight trips to Subway (my husband later held an intervention to stop this kind of behaviour). After gaining 8kgs in

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Green Juice Recipe

  It’s no secret that I love all things green. I’m on a smoothie kick at the moment; these have (thankfully) replaced my afternoon latte. I don’t know if it’s the California heat but I’ve been loving a thicker smoothie as opposed to a juice. Making sure that I’m getting in as many greens as possible this is my current favourite recipe: Two handfuls of frozen kale A few pieces

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Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

Since I got pregnant, I’ve made a conscious effort to cook more and research exactly what I’m putting into my body. I have turned my back on food packed with additives, sodas and anything tinned/canned/packaged. Trying to use as many whole foods as possible has been on top of my priority list. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy cooking. The thought of spending hours in the kitchen slaving away leaves me in

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