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Gym Bag Essentials

I have a fairly succinct gym routine (Pilates on Monday, strength training on Tuesday and Thursday, cardio on Saturday etc). Because of this, I’ve mastered the selection of products that I cart along with me. Whilst I certainly salute the women who can sit in front of a mirror and put on a full face of makeup whilst round brushing their hair after spinning, I most certainly am not one

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Interview with Francesca Giacomini

I have attended Francesca Giacomini’s classes for a few years now, I have seen how her classes can transform bodies, create pert bottoms and lengthen limbs (her Method is also fantastic during pregnancy). Using a variety of equipment (bands, Magic Circles and ankle weights) Francesca has devised a series of high repetition exercises and introduces you to muscles you didn’t even think existed. A self-confessed tough cookie, Francesca’s classes aren’t for the

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Super Foods

The term ‘super foods’ have been rammed down our throats on a daily basis for the past few years. It’s become a very canny marketing tool to sell the latest and supposed greatest products and give us a boost for buying into such miracle makers. I’ve tried them all and have since realised that it is more important to eat whole, natural foods as the general rule of thumb on

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The Real Thing

I’ve gone through some enormous milestones in the past few months, a lot good and some devastating. It’s all lead me to the same conclusion; that we need to value the love we have in our lives and treat everyone with kindness and respect. We live in a world filled with daily atrocities both on our doorstep and in the farthest away corners of the globe. I’m ashamed to say

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