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Hospital Bag

My due date is fast approaching. To celebrate the end of my pregnancy (and most likely my final pregnancy post) I wanted to write about what is stuffed inside my hospital bag. Other than the obvious bits and pieces (La Perla pyjamas, granny pants, nursing bras and snuggly granny slippers) I’ve managed to put together enough goodies to turn my hospital room into a Six Senses Spa sanctuary. First thing’s

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Exercising During Pregnancy

My gym routine has really manned up in the past 16 months. On the build up to my wedding I was training 5-6 times a week and even though I built more muscle that I was happy with (and not doing enough cardio), I found a great sense of wellbeing and a deeper connection with my body. It was this period that really created my relationship with exercise and has

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Personal Update

  As you can probably tell by now my posts have become a little less frequent as have my travel posts. I’m armed with a fairly plausible excuse; I’m expecting my first baby in about ten weeks. I’ve been reluctant to post about my pregnancy on my blog as I wanted to avoid turning SLSstyle into a website that made expectant mothers feel guilty for not breastfeeding for 18 months

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Going Meat Free For A Week

Meat Free Week starts today. Normally the first thing I would do is make myself a bacon butty and continue on as usual. This year I’ve decided to give it a go. I’ve always had wild dreams of becoming a raw vegan and waking up to a giant bowl of chopped fruit so this week was going to gently test me to see what I made of it. Meat Free

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