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In-Flight Essentals

I’m preparing for the long flight home from California to London in the next few days. While little has changed from my in-flight grooming rituals (see my previous post here) there are a few additions and neecesities which make a long haul flight more bearable (especially with a toddler that won’t sit still for more than a minute and a half). I’m certainly not afraid of a public sheet mask,

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Colon Hydrotherapy with Kara Mia Vernon at Grace Belgravia

Now I’ve written about my resolutions for making 2017 my best year yet it’s time to put my hopes and dreams into practice. My third resolution was to get my mind and body into peak condition to set myself up for having a healthy (and hopefully and illness free) life in order to be a role-model and a great mother to my precocious toddler. My journey to reach this goal

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2016 Moving Forward

Even in my personal life I find it hard to open up, imagine what it feels like to write to people that I don’t know. I thought that starting the New Year off with a list of intent moving forward would be the best thing to write about this January (beauty products, wish lists etc are all second to that). 2016 has been without a shadow of a doubt the

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Interview with Esse Vie

I am grateful to have a fair few friends who have created their own brands. Handbags, kimonos, swimwear and now beautifully cut basics with a twist in staple colours and silhouettes. Say hello to Esse Vie created by a particularly stylish friend Sonam Vaswani. Sonam has always had an effortless approach to dressing which is clearly translated into her designs. She answered a few of my nagging questions to give us

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