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Interview with Esse Vie

I am grateful to have a fair few friends who have created their own brands. Handbags, kimonos, swimwear and now beautifully cut basics with a twist in staple colours and silhouettes. Say hello to Esse Vie created by a particularly stylish friend Sonam Vaswani. Sonam has always had an effortless approach to dressing which is clearly translated into her designs. She answered a few of my nagging questions to give us

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Sunday Night Rituals

Winter is fast on our heels. Sunday quickly becomes a day where being warm and cosy at home is of paramount importance and we can focus on the important things – pyjamas, face masks and junk TV. These are some of my favourite indulgences and companions for a cosy Sunday or night in. The first port of call is a pair of pyjamas. Hanro has become my go-to brand for

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Travel Essentials

After a long hiatus from travelling (a baby tends to do that), I’m finally back in South East Asia preparing for a week of pampering, eating farfetched fruits and enjoying blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Before my barrage of travel posts hits my blog, I thought I’d address my necessities (other than 15 bikinis, uncomfortably high heels which will no doubt NEVER be worn and a different gym outfit for every single

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Fashionably Fit

Much like brushing my teeth or washing my face, exercise is part of my daily routine. Even on my ‘off’ days, I like to make sure that I’m moving (having a baby really helps me get outside and on the go). When the gym was unknown territory to me and a Smith machine seemed like a medieval torture device, I was happy to wear my fathers old t-shirts, a pair of leggings

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