Cheap as Chips

Let’s face it – I wasn’t travelling today but I wanted to be comfortable without looking like an extra from Oliver Twist (which I suppose is actually fairly chic). I’ve recently discovered Shein – cheap as chips, great knits and surprisingly good quality which was totally unexpected.

My new favourite sweater is in the perfect Bordeaux colour and gives a flash of a toned tum (or not in my case – a result of a relationship I’ve developed with a Mexican restaurant a stones throw away from my house). It’s perfectly oversized without making you look like a house, soft, sloppy and can flash a little peek of the perfect black lace Agent Provocateur bra. Whats even better is that a sweater that costs about as much as a trip to Starbucks makes me feel slightly better about spending such a small fortune on a pair of sunglasses.


Sweater – Shein

Leggings – Zella

Shoes – Adidas

Sunglasses – Thom Browne

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