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Anyone who lives in central London knows that getting a weekly blow-dry is a stretch. Starting at around £45 a pop in a reputable salon it can quickly start totting up, especially if you’re in need of red-carpet ready hair or an updo. The alternative to this is to visit one of the numerous generic blow-dry bars that are spreading like wildfire that offer a one size-fits-all style and is filled to the brim with inexperienced stylists that want you to get out of the door faster than a school fire-drill.

Duck & Dry immediately caught my attention, especially after finding out one of the founders was hairdresser to the stars Snowden Hill. Snowden and I met when he was responsible for creating the most beautiful heads of hair at my best friends magnificent destination wedding a few years ago. He instantly put five picky bridesmaids and a bride walking into a rather large wedding at ease, ensuring that everyone was looked after, organised and most importantly happy. Partnering up with former management consultant Yulia Roarstrom (who funnily enough also had Snowden do her wedding hair), Duck & Dry was born.

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Yulia mentioned how important it was to create a blow-dry bar with its own identity and was quirky and quintessentially London. Duck & Dry is certainly this and more. The bright lofty space is fitted with endless granite countertops and a large (well stocked) bar offering coffee, tea, champagne, fresh juice and even popcorn. Duck & Dry is £25 for one of their signature blow dry styles (including my favourite Beach Locks and Vava Voom) or £35 for un updo (including Grecian Chic and Sixties Siren). The vast encyclopaedia of looks has you covered for any occasion or mood. Not only do Duck & Dry offer a plethora of styles, you can add on treatments post shampooing which is unheard of in the churned out blow dry bars of late.


The proof is in the pudding; I saw the lovely Natalia who I had known previously who has bags and bags of experience and has worked on numerous fashion shows, shoots, freelance work etc. She spent time turning my ratty hair that had spent the entirety of the week in a messy bun into glossy, voluminous, Texas worthy waves. Using the most delicious products and pinning sections of my hair up to create extra volume it was clear from the start I wasn’t going to get a slap dash straight blow-dry.


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For me, the real stamp of approval comes from my mother who has thick, waist length blonde hair which is so wonderful it couldn’t be bought. She has gone for weekly blow dries for thirty years and can quickly tell if someone is equipt to tackle her labyrinth of hair. After forty minutes in the chair her hair was bouncy, shiny and beautifully done (already attracting envious looks), she was so thrilled with her hair she is already planning her next trip back, mine is already in the books for next week.

Find Duck & Dry here and be sure to tweet me a picture of your hair if you visit!

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