Hair Journey – Stage One

I feel like I’ve been at the beginning point of my hair journey for the longest time. Whenever I seem to get my hair in great condition I then decide to load it up with extensions, bleach the ends, have some new-fangled straightening treatment which actually makes your hair fall out or chop it off. This time along with my trusted hairdresser Limoz Logli (a must-visit for all of you in Chelsea) I have just embarked on a journey to create healthy, long, full and blonde hair.

After having a head full of extensions over Christmas, I can truly say that I have totally destroyed my hair. After removing them, I have had to chop off three inches and I’ve been left with thin, lacklustre, short and pretty cranky hair. I have decided to embark on this journey in stages and right now I’m working on the condition over anything else (colour – you will have to wait your turn). Once a week I will pop into Limoz Logli for a conditioning treatment where I sit underneath a steamer to let the product soak into my hair and emerge with silky smooth tresses and ends that don’t appear to hate me. Along with this I am reducing my use of heat on my hair to once a week and have completely switched up the products I’m using. After using a selection or Oribe products for two weeks I can already see a huge difference in the condition and way my hair feels – this is going to be the beginning of a long relationship.

Split End Seal

Contrary to what anyone tries to tell you (or sell you) there is no way to heal split ends. You have to chop them off and keep your ends healthy but using conditioning treatment and reducing heat and chemicals (like bleach) on your hair. Oribe’s Split End Seal prevents your hair from further splitting – it won’t mend the split ends that you already have. This certainly makes my ends appear much healthier. I add on a small pump to my ends every morning; almost like a moisturiser for my hair. It’s an instant boost for damaged hair with straggly ends and can be used on wet or dry hair – this has definitely already reached holy grail status.

Oribe Split End Seal

Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Colour

I have never really used colour protecting shampoos before – this is probably why my colour appears to go dull after a while and my blonde transforms from buttery to brassy. Oribe’s Bright Blonde Shampoo is a purple shampoo that you can use daily, it will keep your blonde creamy without drying out your hair (thanks to there being no parabens, sulfates or nasties in this). This shampoo gives my hair the most amazing clean feeling while keeping it moisturised and silky soft.

Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Colour

Masque for Beautiful Colour 

This is a highly moisturising mask (in fact I find all of the Oribe products I have used to have serious moisturising properties) which enhances and protects your hair colour whilst providing a boost in hydration for parched, damaged hair due to over processing. Like the rest of the product in Oribe’s range, this is free from parabens and sulphates which is highly beneficial for those of us who are looking to grow Rapunzel-like hair. Oribe’s Masque for Beautiful Colour is also recommended to use post sun exposure to counteract harmful UV rays.

Oribe Masque for Beautiful Colour

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