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If you’re anything like me, chipped nails, hormonal breakouts and a little peach fuzz on your upper lip are unacceptable. As a mother to a young baby, I have limited time to swan around from waxing appointment to spas to hairdressers. Next to Pokemon Go, Ruuby is my favourite app hands down, it makes keeping groomed a doddle (even if you have a teething baby and a husband who constantly needs cooing).

With the options to book appointments in various salons and spas around London or have hand-picked therapists come to your house you’re sorted and holiday prep couldn’t be easier (obviously I choose to have as much done at home as possible). These are my favourite (and necessary) treatments for that last-minute bank holiday trip to Ibiza, because let’s face it stubbly legs and mangled eyebrows aren’t going to cut it at the Sunset Ashram.

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First things first, let’s get rid of all that unwanted body hair. Claire my therapist worked in Selfridges and specialises in pain-free waxing. She can wax every nook and cranny necessary as well as offering a full body wax for those of us who haven’t seen the sun since 2009. At home waxing using Ruuby has replaced time draining trips to


This is the perfect way to slip into holiday-mode pre-flight. I booked a massage with Paola the day of my 11 hour flight to Los Angeles (not easy with a squirmy baby who refuses to sleep). This set my body up for the long day ahead and kept me from feeling puffy and uncomfortable on the plane. My body felt in sync when I landed which is rare for me after hours of flying. I cannot recommend this enough before and after long haul travel. Paola (who specialises in pre and post natal massage) has the most healing touch, she worked on my deep seated knots in my back whilst lulling me into a deep sleep (I may or may have not let out a loud snore). I’ve already booked her for my return.


Van is my favourite Ruuby discovery so far. I am impossibly picky about my nails and probably a manicurists worst nightmare so I was in seventh heaven when she showed up at my door with a bag filled with Essie polish and gave me one of the best manicures I’ve ever had. All whilst I was sitting in my living room having a cup of tea watching car-crash television. You can also get shellac at home for something a little more long wearing. I am currently sporting nude almond shaped nails and fire engine red toes, a classic mix which looks perfect with a holiday tan.


I like to get eyelash extensions every now and then, especially if I’m going away for a week of nightclubs, skin tight dresses and Patron. It makes getting ready a breeze and you always seem fresh and alive even if your head feels like it’s been steamrolled. Andrea (who work has been in Tatler) offers everything you need for the flirtiest lashes on the beach, from eyebrow & lash tinting, shaping and of course eyelash extensions.

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