In-Flight Essentals

I’m preparing for the long flight home from California to London in the next few days. While little has changed from my in-flight grooming rituals (see my previous post here) there are a few additions and neecesities which make a long haul flight more bearable (especially with a toddler that won’t sit still for more than a minute and a half).

I’m certainly not afraid of a public sheet mask, even thought I have to wait until my daughter is asleep as it scares the life out of her. I have recently discovered single sheet masks by Dr Jart which are made for a plethora of skin concerns. My top pick is the Dr Jart Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask which delivers similar results to my beloved SK-II mask and is a fraction of the cost at $7.50 a pop.

Dr Jart Sheet Mask

As far as clothing go it’s a no-brainer. High waisted leggings (low-waisted = builders bum and a cold lower back – no one wants to get a bladder infection on the way home), an oversized cashmere sweater, a scarf the size of a small town, a chic pair of flats (I pray if you wear heels on the plane that you’re not a regular reader of my blog) which you can later discard for a pair of fluffy socks. My favourite picks are:

Zella High Waisted Live-In Leggings are my go-to leggings. I bought these for the gym but have ended up with multiple pairs for those days when you wear gym clothes even though you have absolutely no intention of going to the gym. They’re comfortable, thick, and sit just above your belly button. Most importantly they make your bottom look like you spend hours in the gym (even if it’s been parked on your sofa ordering Deliveroo all day).

Zella Live In Leggins

The Row Minola Cashmere Sweater in off-white is the perfect, classic travel piece that will look great paired with jeans, leggings, black pants and is without a doubt worth the investment (who else tells their husband that they maxed out their credit cards buying ‘investment pieces’ – I have no regrets over this one).

The Row Minola

I like to bring a plethora of snacks with me on the plane. I may have a bursting beauty bag filled to the brim with face masks however my snack and supplement bag is equally as happening (read my previous post on supplements for travel here). I have added a few necessities since then that help me from reaching for three bags of pretzels and pinging the flight attendant every 15 minutes for a snack (or an extra strong Bloody Mary). Justin’s Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs have been a great discovery and come in a few different flavours (including Chocolate Almond if you really need something sweet). They’re not organic but are teeny tiny and squeezed over a cut up apple mid-flight they certainly help with any cravings (plus I can give these to my daughter).

Justin's Peanut Butter

If I manage I like to bring a giant salad (avoid dressing it unless you’re happy with a soggy salad) with a side of protein to munch on when I get desperate. Second to this I request vegan food on the plane; it helps battle the bloat which seems to go hand in hand with long-haul travel.

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  • Hi Sophie,passed this on to other travelers.Sensational idea’s.I hope yesterday was kind to you with all deep thoughts of missing Dad ..You are a marvelous writer.I adore your ideas.Kiss mama for me. Cathy .

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