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As a self- confessed skincare fanatic my bathroom shelves are littered with a little bit of everything; La Mer, Sisley, Natura Bisse, SK-II and a schmorgusboard of others. Over the past year I have noticed that I have stopped reaching for and purchasing luxury skincare products and have switched lanes to using medical grade skincare. I was tired of spending hundreds of pounds on a moisturiser that could only be described as ‘nice’, didn’t leave my skin looking one way or the other and having to deal with regular breakouts, blotchiness – my daughter is now 18 months old and I feel like blaming pregnancy for my uneven, temperamental skin was wearing thin.

About six weeks ago I was introduced to IS Clinical by the team at Rita Rakus’ office in London. I’m normally weary about being sold products but happily I bought a small sample bag of an entire morning and evening skincare routine so I could try before I buy (something that the American’s have mastered). Pushing my entire beauty routine to one side I embarked on a two week journey to the promised land of beautiful skin.

This was as straightforward as one could hope for, there weren’t 15 different steps, mixing, measuring or directions to apply a face mask during the full moon. My morning routine was cleansing, using the Pro-Heal Serum followed by the ultra moisturising Hydra-Cool Serum and my SPF (I used my own which has an SPF of 50 as opposed to IS Clinical’s). Evening had one step less; the Cleansing Complex followed by the Active Serum which is quickly becoming a cult favourite (anything used by La Huntington-Whiteley has my seal of approval), this is followed by the Hydra-Cool Serum once more (or the Moisturising Complex if you need extra hydration).

Product Breakdown

Cleansing Complex: This is a lightweight gel formula which is odourless, colourless and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. This contains a plethora of antioxidants and bionutrients as well as offering mild resurfacing which throughly cleanses skin without leaving it tight and parched.

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex

Pro-Heal Serum: An advanced Vitamin C serum that also contains olive leaf extract and Vitamin A & E; this delivers the highest form of antioxidant protection and exceptional healing. This was highly recommended to me as I have mild rosacea on my cheeks and my skin scars easily after acne.This has practically reduced all my redness on my cheeks as well as speeding up healing time for acne or areas of discolouration.

IS Clinical Pro Heal Serum

Hydra-Cool Serum: This is a lightweight hydrating serum very similar to Skinceuticals B5 Gel (which I actually prefer). It provides an injection of moisture without leaving pores feeling clogged. Probably the only product of the lot that I would say isn’t 100% necessary. I would however highly recommend this for oily skin that doesn’t need bags of moisture.

IS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum

Active Serum: Hands down this is the star of the show. The serum has a range of benefits which include resurfacing the skin, repairing sun-damage or aged skin, reducing acne and hyper pigmentation. This feels cool and tingly when applied and works wonders within days. It can leave skin feeling slightly dry so it’s important to follow with a great moisturiser.

IS Clinical Active Serum

Moisturising Complex: By far my favourite IS Clinical moisturiser. This is heavier than it’s little sister (the Hydra-Cool Serum) and leaves skin feeling plump, moisturised and hydrated. I arise every morning with a glow even if I’ve been spending the midnight hours with a screaming toddler.

IS Clinical Moisturising Complex

Bottom Line

IS Clinical products have changed my skin within a matter of weeks. So much so that I have gone through my bathroom cupboards and thrown out so many skincare products I could practically have stocked my own Space NK. Of course the masks, oils and treatments have kept a firm place in my routine but my daily skincare regimen consists practically sole of IS Clinical. My skin is now completely clear, I relish in not wearing makeup, my hormonal acne has been tamed and any discolouration that I had is a thing of the past. I can now honestly say that I’m proud of my skin and have found products that deliver in the blink of an eye.

IS Clinical is available at Rita Rakus in London

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