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Hair Journey – Stage One

I feel like I’ve been at the beginning point of my hair journey for the longest time. Whenever I seem to get my hair in great condition I then decide to load it up with extensions, bleach the ends, have some new-fangled straightening treatment which actually makes your hair fall out or chop it off. This time along with my trusted hairdresser Limoz Logli (a must-visit for all of you

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Summer Loving

This has been an odd summer for me, I haven’t been obsessively hoarding beauty products and trying out new things. That being said I still have a collection of goodies, new and old that have been putting the cherry on top of my summer so far. Monoi Tiki Tahiti Coconut Oil This Monoi Coconut Oil is hands down my favourite summer moisturiser. It’s fragrant (gardenia, vanilla and coconut), hydrates the

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Maintaining Healthy Coloured Hair

Pregnancy, highlights and a head full of extensions for my wedding have really taken their toll on my hair. It’s been stuck at the same length for months, has frazzled ends and is looking dull and thin (a big shout out to my baby for this). I decided that with the new year it was time for a change; I haven’t coloured my hair for over six months and after

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Current Haircare

Firstly, apologies for the month long hiatus. Life has the tendency of getting very busy when you least expect it (or have a five month old baby in my case). That being said, I feel like I’ve finally nailed my haircare routine and couldn’t not share my life-changing discoveries. I have never been blessed with thick, healthy hair that grows an inch a day. My mother somehow usurped that gene

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