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Colon Hydrotherapy with Kara Mia Vernon at Grace Belgravia

Now I’ve written about my resolutions for making 2017 my best year yet it’s time to put my hopes and dreams into practice. My third resolution was to get my mind and body into peak condition to set myself up for having a healthy (and hopefully and illness free) life in order to be a role-model and a great mother to my precocious toddler. My journey to reach this goal

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Capri Leg Schoolâ„¢ at Grace Belgravia

The Capri Palace holds a special place in my heart; it’s where I was married two and a half years ago and spent many a summer working on a deep Italian tan by the pool with a fresh bellini in hand. Before my wedding, I spent a week at the Capri Beauty Farm primping and pruning myself in the spa having a tailor made programme made for me by the

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Pre & Post Natal Exercise: Bumps & Burpees

I realise that I have done very few blog posts on my pregnancy and the aftermath. I want to keep SLSstyle as far away from being a mom-blog as possible but it’s difficult to neglect part of my pregnancy that has stuck with me. I’ve worked out for years, often alone in the gym doing hours of cross-trainer, a handful of situps and a few dozen arm exercises using the

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Sick Days

You’re in bed trying to figure out exactly who is who and what is what on Towie, you’ve got on day two pyjamas which are now covered in drops of tea and yesterdays jam on toast and the thought of running a brush through your hair is better left unexplored. We’ve all been there. Speaking from the comfort of my bed, nose running, eyes watering and throat burning I decided

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