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Guilt Free Banana Bread

I’ve developed a baking habit. Twice a week my 20 month old daughter and I bake a sweet but guilt free treat that’s fast enough to keep a toddler entertained and simple enough that it would be pretty difficult for me to mess up. I have been really enjoying making cakes using fruits and vegetables as I know that my daughter will be getting extra nutrients and vitamins (zucchini bread is

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Colon Hydrotherapy with Kara Mia Vernon at Grace Belgravia

Now I’ve written about my resolutions for making 2017 my best year yet it’s time to put my hopes and dreams into practice. My third resolution was to get my mind and body into peak condition to set myself up for having a healthy (and hopefully and illness free) life in order to be a role-model and a great mother to my precocious toddler. My journey to reach this goal

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Plenish Cleanse: My Journey

After eating abnormally badly over Christmas, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I needed something more severe than a three day vegan meal plan but less obtuse than a round of colonics. I decided to try out a juice cleanse for the first time in my life. Plenish had been tried and tested by a handful of friends who were desperate to get into

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