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Colon Hydrotherapy with Kara Mia Vernon at Grace Belgravia

Now I’ve written about my resolutions for making 2017 my best year yet it’s time to put my hopes and dreams into practice. My third resolution was to get my mind and body into peak condition to set myself up for having a healthy (and hopefully and illness free) life in order to be a role-model and a great mother to my precocious toddler. My journey to reach this goal

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Interview with Francesca Giacomini

I have attended Francesca Giacomini’s classes for a few years now, I have seen how her classes can transform bodies, create pert bottoms and lengthen limbs (her Method is also fantastic during pregnancy). Using a variety of equipment (bands, Magic Circles and ankle weights) Francesca has devised a series of high repetition exercises and introduces you to muscles you didn’t even think existed. A self-confessed tough cookie, Francesca’s classes aren’t for the

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