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Ruffles & Raffia

I’ve got to say that I’ve always loved a Fendi Baguette Bag – ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw travel to the Valley to root through a car boot for the perfect gold knock-off. This little bag may be wildly impractical (don’t even think about fitting in an iPhone plus) but it’s comfortable, easy to wear and jazzes up anything in an instant (this will be a staple piece for

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Let’s face it, as a mother I’m lucky if I get to brush my hair in the morning. What I post on my blog isn’t my day to day get up. That being said a comfortable pair of jeans, a great top and a comfortable pair of shoes are a no-brainer most days. Imagine my surprise when I learnt that these are the holy grail of shoes, they’re comfortable, hand

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Online Wishlist

I’ve strangely found myself holding back from shopping recently. It’s always nice to take a step back, reevaluate what you already own, re-organise your wardrobe (in my case send half of it to The Real Real) and have a month where your banker isn’t sending you abuse emails. Once I’m ready to replenish the huge amount of space I’ve accumulated from purging my wardrobe I’ve got a list of potential purchases

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A Little Bit Country

    It’s finally spring. That means shedding the black, oversized shapelessness I’ve been covered in for the past few months and get out of hibernation mode (that means it’s also time to break up with my  relationship I’ve developed with Deliveroo). It may be spending half my life growing up in suburban California which made me love all things gingham but whatever it was as soon as I saw this high-waisted

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