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A Little Bit Country

    It’s finally spring. That means shedding the black, oversized shapelessness I’ve been covered in for the past few months and get out of hibernation mode (that means it’s also time to break up with my  relationship I’ve developed with Deliveroo). It may be spending half my life growing up in suburban California which made me love all things gingham but whatever it was as soon as I saw this high-waisted

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My go to uniform consists of boyfriend jeans and breathy blouses in spring. Magda Butrym has blown me away with her easy, effortless blouses in the most beautiful fabrics with enough oomph to keep me from being the most boring mother at the school gates. I’ve always loved a little bit of shoulder but nothing irks me more than the constant drivel of cold shoulder tops being churned out by

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Spring Wishlist

Spring is finally here and the panic has set in that I’m not 49kgs with legs up to my eyeballs, haven’t made one plan for summer and certainly don’t have anything other than black or oversized to wear. With the beginning of a new season I like to figure out which purchases would fill the holes in my wardrobe or satisfy my online shopping addiction more than usual. Fendi Kan

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So Gucci

Just when you thought that seasonal depression was about to hit, London threw us a curve ball and leapt right into spring. Imagine my excitement and slight panic when I realised that I could retire the one chunky knit Zara jumper I’ve been wearing for the past five months along with my favourite Zella leggings. If you’re anything like me, warm weather dressing seems to be the only thing that

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