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QMS Facial at the Mandarin Oriental Spa Bangkok

QMS has been a familiar name to me for a while. Not only have I heard rave reviews of the facials and medical-grade products but it was once located next to my favourite French baker Polaine off of Sloane Square (now find QMS at Grace, Belgravia). Imagine my luck when I arrived at the Oriental Spa in Bangkok to be met with a table full of QMS goodies, especially after deciding

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Aqua Nail Bar Santa Barbara

Whilst I may not wear makeup more than once a week and I’m taking a break from backcombing and hot rollers, I make sure that wherever I am I stick to getting a weekly manicure. Santa Barbara sadly doesn’t have the best choice of nail salons, sure their are more than you can shake a stick at but your four year old niece could do an equally good job. Aqua

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Age-Defying Oxygen Facial at Evolutions Spa, Santa Barbara

For those of you who have read SLSstyle for a while you will know that I spend a lot of time with family in Santa Barbara, California. Even when I’m on a family trip, I make sure to carve out time to test out local spas and therapists to see what’s going on this side of the pond. Evolutions Medical & Day Spa is a Santa Barbara institution which is

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Four Seasons Hampshire Spa

Anyone who lives a fast-paced city life understands the desperate urge to press the reset button once in a while. If travelling to Ananda in the Himalayas is out of the question, the quest for optimal relaxation can be found only an hours drive from Central London. The Four Seasons in Hampshire is an imposing red brick building slapped in the middle of never-ending greenery. The rich, wood panelled reception

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