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Hair Journey – Stage One

I feel like I’ve been at the beginning point of my hair journey for the longest time. Whenever I seem to get my hair in great condition I then decide to load it up with extensions, bleach the ends, have some new-fangled straightening treatment which actually makes your hair fall out or chop it off. This time along with my trusted hairdresser Limoz Logli (a must-visit for all of you

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Capri Leg Schoolâ„¢ at Grace Belgravia

The Capri Palace holds a special place in my heart; it’s where I was married two and a half years ago and spent many a summer working on a deep Italian tan by the pool with a fresh bellini in hand. Before my wedding, I spent a week at the Capri Beauty Farm primping and pruning myself in the spa having a tailor made programme made for me by the

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Skincare Favourites

Just when I thought I’d found the key to perfect skin, I got pregnant. Little did I know that pregnancy would wreak havoc on my face. Whilst I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel there have been a few products that have really worked wonders for me the past eight months. I must however add that pregnancy choices are personal; some people choose to go completely

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Recent Purchases

Spring is just around the corner and after spending the past few weeks decluttering my beauty stash it was time to fill in the gaps. After cutting my collection in half, I’ve really enjoyed restocking and testing out some new grooming goodies. 1. Rodail Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask It’s no secret that I love myself a good sheet mask and eye patches saturated in a long list of goodies is

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