My life has long been informed by beauty, health, fashion and travel. As a child, I loved rifling through my mother’s boudoir cupboards, playing with marabou powder puffs from Floris, pink and gold jars of face creams and still recall the orange blossom scent of hand lotion that was a permanent fixture on her bedside table.


I trailed around with my mother, a celebrated travel writer, all over the world. I saw her compiling entries for a dozen years of the Tatler Travel Guide, Conde Nast Traveller, Harpers Bazaar and other glossies. I helped research for diverse articles on Burma, Kazakstan, equine therapy in Arizona, and medicinal mud in Indonesia. Appreciating luxury travel from a young age opened my eyes to meeting different people, life-changing adventures and appreciating alternative therapies. I was often the youngest client as spa travel grew from a couple of massage cubicles to palaces designed for every sort of indulgence and body/mind rescue as we know it today.


Health became a necessity to me after being hit with post viral chronic fatigue in my mid-teens. I continue to learn about nutritional tools to keep my energy and health at an optimum level. Exercise is a vital part of my daily routine. I try lots of new things to keep my body moving and in the best possible shape.


Travelling and showing off the fruits of your labour require a killer wardrobe. I love marrying vintage, high-end and high-street staples and finding special pieces around the world. I spent time at British Vogue assisting the Fashion Features editor for shoots with famous faces in London and in Paris.


SLSstyle.com was initially created as a visual diary of my personal style. From the latest Miu Miu bag and pictures of my dream travel destinations, it has journeyed into articles about my favourite facial acupuncturist, Thai room service delights in Bangkok (The Oriental is my spiritual home) to the best pre-bedtime products. These are all promises of what is to come.


I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to hearing from you,


Sophia x

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