Before I get into the throws of how to slim down after telling yourself “it’s the Holidays” for the past six weeks I just wanted to quickly touch on why I’ve been so silent recently. Over the past year and a half I’ve faced two of the most traumatic losses in my entire life; my father and my grandmother. It resulted in a total disconnect from everything I held dear to me and I’m slowly trying to claw myself back together. I want SLSstyle to be an inspiring, uplifting and positive website – that being said if discussing my journey would help anyone out there I’d love to know.

 Ok – back to the superficial stuff. I’ve just gotten out of an Epsom Salt bath, I’m sure I used way too much and soaked way too long but difficult means call for difficult measures. After summer I decided to really go above and beyond and see how far I could push my body; I was working out twice a day, really paying close attention to my food and allowing myself space and time to rest. Fast forward to October. I was under a huge amount of stress and decided to tap into that inner voice telling me it’s ok to overindulge and that it’s the holidays – heck, why not. My problem is that I don’t do well with moderation – I either over shop or not at all, I either eat four glazed donuts and wash it down with a hot chocolate (extra cream please) or I’m making green smoothies at home. There’s absolutely no grey area with me which is why it turns out that ‘moderation’ isn’t my friend. Whilst the past few months has been fun (boozy = fun) it’s time to cut the cord and focus on 2018. I’ve gained 4kgs and I’m now facing a slightly bigger mountain than I was looking at in October. Getting back on the wagon is a whole lot more than forcing yourself to go to the gym, it’s about looking after your body and treating it with the kindness and respect that you deserve.


Since this is the most straightforward option – let’s start here. Consistency is key here, I notice that for me five days a week is the magic number (pilates or yoga is a-ok on rest days as long as it’s slow). Once I get into my groove this seems to run like clockwork but I have noticed that switching up my workouts and trying new classes has really given me an extra push. I’ve also found that having a friend who really likes to go HAM is the best thing you can ever bring to the gym with you. Lucky for me my gym buddy has a wedding to prepare for so I’m jumping on the #wedshred bandwagon too.

As a Londoner, I have started a complete obsession with KXU and now frequent every other day (remember what I said about moderation not working out for me?). I haven’t tried a class I don’t like; The Games, MetaKX and Nok Out are fantastic strength training meets fat blasting meets nightclub fun classes. I’m getting the itch to get back into yoga too and I’ve heard wonderful things about their classes. If you live in London we are so lucky with the plethora of studios at our doorstep; Barry’s, Psycle, Heartcore, KO Box, PBB, the list is endless. Find a buddy and sign up.


This has to have been where I’ve messed up the most. I have noticed that I’m now craving a nightly drink and something gigantic, sweet and junky. Just like your workouts, consistency is key. I’ve decided to go totally cold-turkey on this and challenge myself to do Dry January (when I do drink it’s generally vodka or tequila with soda and lime). One of my biggest indulgences is cheese – I cannot have any in the house, even for my daughter as when the hunger bug comes knocking at 5pm you know who will be slumped over the fridge gobbling it up. I know it’s not going to be pretty to begin with but once my size 8’s start sliding on again, I wouldn’t have missed that seventh Pisco Sour one bit.

Another thing that I have been turning down has been veggies, I’m going to get back to religiously having a shot of apple cider vinegar followed by a green smoothie filled with veggies (some berries for taste), spirulina, flax seed, chia seed and a few other secret ingredients (post to follow on my favourite smoothie ingredients). As a way to totally overhaul my lengthy run of binge eating, I’ve signed up for a week of deliveries from Detox Kitchen using their low calorie Green Vegan menu complete with vegetable juices, extra supplements and even a sweet treat to have at night.


This is the part that people tend to ignore when it’s time to break bad habits. I generally notice that the less stressed out I am, the better my body and my life function. One of my biggest beliefs is the better care I take of myself then the better mother, wife, friend and person I am. We have been so programmed to feel guilty doing anything for ourselves that it’s almost shameful to make yourself a priority.

Part of keeping stress at bay is taking time for yourself, have a 30min nap on the weekend, read a book with your favourite candle burning every evening (my favourite reads of 2017 coming up soon), indulge in a bath using the overly expensive bath oil you got for Christmas (and would never buy for yourself), make a cup of herbal tea, get into your pyjamas and just sit quietly on the sofa and enjoy being alone. If you’re able to, get regular massages, this will keep your body flowing properly and massively helps reduce stress and tension – I like to use Ruuby who send qualified therapists to your house so you can slink off to sleep as soon as you’re done.

Something that I’m constantly reminding myself of when making a resolution is that I don’t want to take anything away from my life; I want to add to it. Taking care of myself is something I want to constantly remind myself to do and I hope that it lasts longer than just Dry January.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is pushing the reset button this January and your tips for reaching your goal ahead.

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