I’ve strangely found myself holding back from shopping recently. It’s always nice to take a step back, reevaluate what you already own, re-organise your wardrobe (in my case send half of it to The Real Real) and have a month where your banker isn’t sending you abuse emails.

Once I’m ready to replenish the huge amount of space I’ve accumulated from purging my wardrobe I’ve got a list of potential purchases awaiting me.

Gucci Marmont Floral Bag

I’ve strangely not been obsessed with all things Gucci, I think I’ve seen a zillion Marmont bags, fur mules and bomber jackets to see me through the rest of my life (let’s not mention how it’s truly time to retire Blind For Love). That being said I’ve always had a thing for Oriental silks and this particular breed of Gucci’s Marmont bag takes me right back to a pair of pyjamas my father brought back from a trip to Shanghai. This comes in a variety of jewel-box colours however I have developed a serious soft spot for emerald green.

Balenciaga Gathered Striped Mini Dress

It’s a shirtdress, it’s a cocktail dress and it’s a statement (YES, YES and more YES). I have quite literally been foaming at the mouth ever since I saw this because of how versatile it is whilst being completely unusual. A million times, yes.

Saint Laurent Loulou Heart Sunglasses

Channel your inner Lolita with Saint Laurent’s grown up take on the classic heart-shaped frames. The slightly distorted and sculptural element and fail-safe shade of black make it acceptable to wear wacky sunglasses to the office without looking like you’ve just escaped Moscow State Circus.

Vita Kin Grapevine Maxi Dress

I’ve never made a secret of my love for Vita Kin – I’ve always said if I was a dress this would probably what I’d be. Funnily enough just as I thought I had enough Vita Kin to shake a stick at, I stumbled across this maxi, embroidered, fluted breath of fresh air. Yes I need it, yes you need it and yes, I probably need to sell my kidney to make it happen.

Ganni Stretch Lace Bodysuit

We all love a body suit and whilst I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve begun hoarding scrappy camisole bodies in a plethora of colours I do not yet own a lacy-high-neck-cap-sleeved number (shocker). This Ganni bodysuit is an amazing piece to pair with beaten up jeans to a pencil skirt when it’s time to be serious (or look like you mean business when your husband sits you down to discuss your Amex bill).

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