I’m currently in my home away from home – The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. After spending the past five days running after a precocious toddler who has discovered mango and sticky rice, I felt inspired to discuss my favourite pool/beach side looks for the warmer weather (unless you’re currently drenched in London).


I find when I’m swimming with my daughter that my safest bet is a one piece (she really enjoys tugging on strings, bikini tops which isn’t ideal if I’m not planning on flashing half the pool). I want something that’s easy to throw on, effortless without looking like I’ve been shopping at my local camping store. Obviously any kind of shoe with a heel is a no-go and I need a large hat to cover up the fact that my hair hasn’t been washed for the better part of a week.

Down to Business

Clearly an overly strappy bikini or fully covered swimsuit isn’t the best choice if you’re planning on an afternoon of tanning. I opt for a strapless bikini with a floaty dress or skirt to pair on top. I like to slick my hair into a low bun, read my favourite book and really get stuck in.

Poolside Drinks

This is an ideal look for the times we have no intention on swimming, tanning or frankly even sweating – the times we want to have a strong drink and make the other pool-goers feel unkempt (no passing judgement, we’ve all been there). 

The All Rounder

For days when you need to go to lunch, take an arduous walk to the spa, hike over to the next door cabana to talk about vacation rentals in St Tropez or have a blissful ten minutes of silence you need something that just works.

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