I’ve been pretty good with not hoarding makeup recently and have been trying to enjoy my already gargantuan collection. The older I’ve become the less I buy into collections and over-hyped products (also mainly due to the fact that I no longer spend hours in the evening watching Youtube videos and start pining after products that I don’t need). With the warmer weather I’ve been enjoying wearing a lot less makeup and keeping it simple, even on a night out. I’ve found myself reaching for the same products day in and out and wanted to share the bits and pieces which are really working for me.


I’ve never been a full-coverage foundation girl, I’m a big fan of anything you can slap on, smear round and have your skin shining through but looking better than it would without. My go-to product for the past two years has been It Cosmetics CC Cream which I generally stock up on when I’m in America. Thankfully for us Brits, it’s now easier to get hold of – hallelujah!

I’ve never been asked about a product more than this, it has SPF 50 and makes your skin look radiant, healthy and lit from within. This is something that I will never be without, it looks natural but day to night makes my skin look like I’ve had a facial a week (just for reference I go between Medium and Medium Tan).

it cosmetics cc cream

The La Mer Translucent Powder has been another star purchase (along with the powder brush). I’ve posted about my love for La Mer’s Foundation (read my review here) and cannot emphasise how wonderful this really is – and this is coming from someone who was absolutely terrified at the concept of using powder. Again this travels everywhere with me and my makeup bag now feels empty (and abnormally light) without it.

la mer translucent powder

Finally the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand has been another favourite product. This look natural (I hate that over highlighted, glassy look) and makes you look sun kissed and healthy. This almost adds a soft tone filter to your face and is the perfect natural day to day highlighter for those of us who are sick of Instagram pictures with highlighters that are quite literally blinding. On a side note, I’m desperate to try the Hollywood Flawless Filter next.


I’ve definitely stepped away from eyeshadow recently, I’ve been using bronzer in my crease to add a little definition to the eye however I’ve been loving liquid liner. Shu Uemura makes my favourite liquid liner hands down. It’s thin, precise and even with a shaky hand I can make this work. It doesn’t need reapplication and comes out looking inky and a true black. Tick, tick, tick.


Dolce & Gabbana’s Miss Sicily Lipsticks have been a recent discovery (all hail duty free). Three shades in and I’m hooked. They’re the perfect mix between a lip balm and a lipstick, they nourish your lips and provide a subtle hint of colour. So far the red tone Carmela is my favourite. It looks like a deep berry red in the tube but translates to the perfect, bee-stung lip colour which I am constantly being complimented on. I’m fairly certain I’m going to end up with more of these than makes sense but I’m fully embracing owning the entire collection.

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