I was once the girl who kept up with every makeup launch (including the multiple gimmicky collections brought out by Mac which is becoming hard to keep up with). That being said, as I’ve stopped hoarding makeup, the urge to purchase useless products has lessened.

I had heard about Glossier for a while now but avoided buying into the hype. I certainly don’t need more makeup, and I would rather have the extra cash to buy a bottle of wine on Fridays. That being said after hearing about the products and how they’re game changers, I thought I may as well dip in my toes.

The first products that I purchased were the Boy Brow, two Cloud Paints and two Balm Dot Com lip balms. Instantly after my package arrived I was hooked – so much so, my second order reached me this morning. As Glossier is coming to the UK in a few short weeks, I thought I would break down my must haves (does the entire website count?).

Boy Brow

Glossier Boy Brow

I had always been convinced that Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizz was going to be the be all and end all of brow gels. I was almost certain that I wouldn’t be purchasing or trying any other products in this lifetime. That was until I met Boy Brow. This give you those fluffy, textured, Eastern European model eyebrows in an instant. If you’re like me and you love slightly chaotic eyebrows (as opposed to that overdone, threaded within an inch of their life, tattooed on look) then you will love this. After trying this, I instantaneously ordered a backup and just like that my Brow Wizz has been pushed to the bottom of the pecking order.

-Sidenote, my shade is brown.

Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint

Cloud Paint is probably the most iconic of Glossier’s products. I now own three out of the four shades available and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Haze is in my collection. These have the most wonderful formulas, they are creamy but also slightly whipped so create the most natural, effortless look to cheeks (I’ve also tried this on my lips and it works just as well). It’s almost impossible to mess this up as they sheer out beautifully. Out of the three colours I purchased, Puff and Beam would be my go-to colours. I wouldn’t recommend Dusk on my medium skin tone although this could work as a natural looking contour for paler skin.

-Sidenote, these can also be mixed to create custom shades

Balm Dot Com

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Another product that I’ve bought duplicates of. When I read that Lily Aldridge (ultimate girl crush) swears by the Cherry Balm Dot Com I bought two (too much?). This doesn’t come off red at all but just adds rosiness, fullness and moisture to your lips. You can easily apply this on the go without a mirror. I’ve also got Rose which is essentially clear and just received Birthday which has a very subtle glitter in it. All of these are scented and remind me of a grown up version of Smackers Lip Balms. These leave my lips hydrated for hours on end are a fraction of the cost of other favourites such as the By Terry Rose de Baum.


Glossier Wowder

When one of my best friends (who happens to be one of the most talented make up artists around @marniekeane) told me that I needed to check out Wowder, it would have been rude not to listen. I generally tend to avoid powders as I love glowy skin. That being said, I also have a tendency to get very shiny on my chin, cheeks and forehead (thats practically my entire face) and have been looking for a product to set my makeup and keep shine at bay. This leaves a sheen and glow on the skin and doesn’t leave me looking like a mannequin (which may be a desired look for some). So far it’s worked on setting my makeup through out an entire day (and a trip to the beach which is really saying something).


Glossier Haloscope

So after all this good news, Haloscope looked like a no brainer. A creamy, natural, lit from within highlighter – what isn’t to love? Sadly this was the dud of the bunch and will be going right back where it came from. I purchased the colour Quartz thinking that this could rival my RMS Living Luminiser; I was wrong. This came out white and chalky, it left a light film of iridescence instead of that wet sheen which I love so much. I’ve tried it on my brow bone, cupids bow, nose, cheeks and shoulders and it’s a no on all levels. Sorry Haloscope.

I am yet to try out the much talked about Milky Jelly Cleanser (which I’ve heard fantastic things about) and have a personal interest in the Mask Duo – check back as I’m sure that my willpower won’t hold out much longer.

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