In July I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Brindle who created Hayo’u. The Hayo’u Method puts you in control of mastering your health – mostly by focusing on reducing stress. It’s no secret that stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and health. Hayo’u promises a dramatic improvement of stress levels using small, practical, self imposed remedies and rituals (most of which are beneficial after only one minute).

Katie brindle

This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I have had the hardest few months of my life which have been overshadowed by the devastating loss of my beloved father (again another grovelling apology for being such a rotten blogger). Meeting Katie couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Stress was starting to impact my health; I was constantly tired, lethargic, depressed, my immune system had left me out in the cold and to make matters worse I was slowly gaining weight.

Before delving into Hayo’u’s incredible product line, it’s important for me to briefly discuss my meeting with Katie. A trained Chinese doctor, Katie asked specific questions about my health throughout my life. Whilst detailing my then symptoms she carefully explained why I was feeling the way I was feeling and how I ended up being zombie-like, a little soft and very low. It was an education in itself to speak with someone who really helped me wrap my head around how stress had affected me and how my body wasn’t functioning as it should. Everything made perfect sense to me which as strange as it may sound was incredibly comforting and liberating that I felt like after thirty years, I got it. Since meeting with Katie, I’ve had a newfound appreciation of my body, how it handles bumps in the road and can work so beautifully and efficiently should you look after it. For those of you lucky enough to sit down and talk to Katie, I could not be more excited for you.

Katie’s remedies couldn’t be more simple (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). Unlike many Chinese doctors, she won’t send you home with a suitcase filled with supplements or poke you with a million and one acupuncture needles. Her solutions are basic and perfect for stress-managing-novices such as myself. As a mother of a toddler, I don’t have time for a twenty minute meditation session in the morning or a lot of ‘me-time’ (which sounds heavenly about now). Katie has created rituals to aid stress relief which can be accompanied by a few tools (all available on her website here).

hayou method

First and foremost are the breathing exercises which are carefully explained on Katie’s website. These can be done sitting on the tube to work, in the car waiting to pick up the kids from school or slaving over dinner at night. Anyone, anywhere can take one minute of their day to do breathing exercises. I tend to do mine morning or night in my Himalayan Pink Salt Bath.

Anyone who knows me will know how much I adore my evening bath. It’s my quiet time to soak, switch off and relax at the end of each day. I have amassed a collection of salts, oils, soaks and soaps over the years which I generally switch up daily depending on how I feel. After trying the Himalayan Pink Salt Bath, I can safely say that I would be more than happy to only bathe using this. I was warned before I met Katie and tried out the products that this was a magical product and the way it left you feeling post-bath was indescribable (this had quite a lot of live up to saying the least). Needless to say this was the first thing I tried. The bath salts have a way of making you feel like your detoxing you body, relaxing your muscles and also completely switching off at the same time – it was almost like the equivalent of having a big glass of Malbec. I felt relaxed, stress-free, calm and had one of the best sleeps that I’ve had in what felt like forever. I couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone struggling with stress at home, work, dealing with children or just looking to really reset and switch off. It is quite an experience in itself.

Hayo'u Bath Salts

After trying the bath salts, I ignored the Shower Minerals (which sadly had to wait until the bath salts had been used up). I probably should have known it but this is equally as amazing. I tend to use this in the morning or post-gym and spend a minute doing my breathing exercises whilst massaging the oil into my body (my skin has never looked better). All of the Hayo’u products are free from parabens, SLS and SLES as well as having no mineral oil or petrolatum making them the perfect cocktail for absorbing into the skin.

hayou shower

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