I recently was introduced to Katie Brindle and the Hayo’u Method. After writing about the body products (including my absolute favourite bath salts), it’s high time that I discussed another gem; the Gua Sha Beauty Restorer and the Beauty Oil.

The Gua Sha Beauty Restorer promises to de-puff, de-wrinkle and breathe life and youth back into the skin (you can watch videos with a step by step guide here). This is quite a substantial promise for a smooth piece of jade; clearly I had to give it a go. I have heard of the benefits of facial massage. Married with the use of the jade Beauty Restorer it all started to make sense. Katie Brindle created a tool which is shaped to reach every corner of your face. This is instantly cool on the skin which de-puffs tired eyes and soothes bloated skin by improving your lymphatic flow – what could be a better product to use following boozy, late nights around Christmas? This has become a permanent fixture on my bedside table and acts as my last little bit of luxury before I go to bed. 

Katie suggests using this for one minute a day (who doesn’t have one minute a day), and can even be used in the shower or used with your morning and evening skincare. Hayo’u has a magnificent facial oil which, much like the body oil is filled with plants and herbs designed to detox and give the skin as much loving as possible. This is a light, silky oil that hasn’t left my pores clogged and leaves my skin looking like I’ve just walked out of a serious facial. Katie has meticulously concocted a blend of camellia and palmarosa oil with lotus flower, lemongrass and frankincense which are revered for reducing stress and anxiety and calming irritated skin.

Katie Brindle is currently offering a free ten day de-stress plan where you sign up for a one minute daily video which provides steps to drastically reduce stress and in turn improve sleep, energy levels and your skins appearance (who doesn’t like the sound of that?) that only require a few minutes every day. You can sign up here.

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