I have to admit that over the years I’ve become stuck with what I know and what I like. Maybe it’s a sign of getting older but I found it increasingly difficult to find products that I really love. As most women, I’m very particular about my foundation; it has to give me coverage but be as light as a moisturiser, it needs to be dewy but not slick looking, it needs to feel light and nourishing without feeling like I’ll have to go for a heavy duty microdermabrasion afterwards and it needs to act as a second skin. Because of this gargantuan checklist I feel like the Goldie Locks of foundation, I haven’t quite found one that’s quite right.

I also want to preface this by saying that unlike the amazing return policies in the US (where you can try products and if it doesn’t work with you or agree with your skin then you can return it – no questions asked), the UK offers a no refund policy which can really put a spanner in the works when you’re after a foundation that costs about as much as a new pair of jeans. I had been lusting after the La Mer Foundation for a while and finally took the plunge (purchased in Duty Free no less). 

Firstly, the colour range for light skin is fantastic (I’m a little unsure why they offer such limited choice for darker skin tones). They’ve really worked with undertones, I went for Shell which has pinker undertones (I seem to fluctuate between pink in the summer and yellow in the winter). Applied this feels like a serum, it doesn’t feel like every last inch is sinking into your pores, it almost feels like it sits beautifully on the skin.  Unlike any foundation that I own this seems to cover up the parts of my face that need it the most and let my skin shine through in areas I need a lot less help. The La Mer Foundation has a very buildable coverage but never looks or feels cakey. The blending is next level on this, it truly adds light to the term “your skin but better”. I am yet to try this mixed with the Renewal Facial Oil however I have heard the most heavenly reviews of using these two together as a light, moisturising wash. 

To add insult to injury (or completely abuse my overdraft), I bought the Foundation Brush to apply this. It’s wonderful. It’s thick, applies the product beautifully without wasting a drop (thank goodness because the stuff isn’t cheap). This gives your foundation a total airbrushed effect, I’ve used this now with my different foundations and can assure that it work with everything. 

On a sidetone, I purchased these products myself – I would never recommend something that I didn’t wholeheartedly recommend.

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