I’m writing this four days into a week long trip to Puglia in Italy already shivering at the thought of going back to drizzly London. Chasing the warm weather has nudged its way to the top of my agenda for the next few months however I’m not sure this is feasible with a brand new baby and without a bottomless bank account. Before my next post which should be a hotel/spa review I wanted to share my September sunshine essentials in case anyone out there is still soaking up as much vitamin D as possible.

1. Wayuu Beach Bag

here’s something fundamentally wrong in bringing a Birkin bag to the beach. I like to champion wicker baskets, woven bucket bags and the occasional Balenciaga basket. Wayuu bags are the perfect way to add a little boho-babe-on-acid zing into your beach look. These are easy to squash in a suitcase, wash should your bottle of monoi oil leak and fit a small library of Jilly Cooper books to read during a long day of tanning. Mine is in a beautiful periwinkle colour with a party of colours and patterns on the strap. I’ve lost count of the compliments and envious glares that I’ve had poolside, plus my daughter loves giving the tassels a good tug.

Order from their Instagram page @wayuulifestyleuk here

or from their Facebook page here

2. Sunglasses

Since having a baby my brain has turned into mush and I don’t expect my sharpness back any time soon. After amassing a sunglasses collection that would scare Cher Horowitz, I promptly left all of them in grey London bar my trusted Ray Bans. These classic round Ray Bans are probably owned by at least 65% of all the people I know however unlike Dior So Real’s (which make the hair on the back of my neck stand up), these are classic and can be worn with everything so are a great choice for those who are looking to pack light or like me are total bird brains.

3. Sun Visor

Sun visors like mine above are seen most on 80-something grandmothers playing bingo on decks with plastic tumblers filled with iced tea. Just like these grandmothers I love a good visor, especially when you have a good top knot poking out of the top. These provide fantastic protection from the beating sun and won’t make your head feel like it’s been cooking in a wood fire oven for hours on end. My tan canvas and woven straw Eric Javits one is adjustable, crushable (without losing its shape) and has a cushiony lining; probably requested from the band of grannies sitting happy in Florida so proud of their visors.

4. Sun Care

I have three requirements from my sun protectant. These are not to lead me to burn, not leave unsightly white streaks and to be easily applied. Lancaster has long been my favourite sun protectant and after discovering Lancaster Sun Sport Invisible Mist Wet Skin SPF 30 (and 50 which is a good one to have). This sprays on clear and provides fabulous protection that doesn’t budge after jumping in an endless infinity pool (I would recommend touching up post-swim at any rate). It dries instantly and doesn’t have a heavy suntan lotion scent. To make sure I’m really getting as bronzed as humanly possible I apply Lancaster’s Sun Beauty Tan Deepener in SPF 6 to my legs. This is dark brown and has a thick tar like texture which instantly adds colour to pasty legs. Lancaster’s Tan Deepener will give you an deep Mediterranean tan in an instant (just make sure your skin isn’t prone to burning before purchasing) and adds tonnes of moisture to sun-parched skin.

5. Tangle Teezer

I’m not someone who really considers their hair before plonking myself into the sea/swimming pool/lake/whatever. I wish I could be the woman to create a perfect chignon with two pins and happily do breaststroke all summer long without wetting their hair or mink eyelash extensions. I am not. My Tangle Teezer is an essential part of my summer beach bag; it could be used to untangle knots picked up from a beachy breeze or to distribute oil throughout my hair during a rigours tanning session.

6. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

After discovering Lucas’ Papaw Ointment years ago, there isn’t a bag, car or coat pocket that doesn’t have one of these in it. This can be smothered on dry lips as well as eyebrows, lashes, elbows and best of all any mosquito bites that you’ve picked up on your travels. This is an absolute must for anyone, I’ve seen my husband sneak some and have used it on my four month old.

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