Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for skincare. For us beauty junkies, learning that there’s a new kid in town is our golden ticket. Margy’s Monte Carlo is a well-known and trusted skincare line whose aim is to target all forms of ageing on all types on skin type. The result is a totally bespoke regime depending on age, skin type and concerns – this certainly isn’t your one-size-fits-all line of products.

Upon learning about Margy’s, I researched the living daylights out of the product ranges and was floored with how many there were. There’s something for everyone (quite literally). Grace Belgravia is quickly becoming the go-to place for innovative skincare treatments (read about my previous trip to check out the newly launched Capri Palace Leg School here) – the partner with leading facialists, products and institutes from around the world to create a serious spa for serious clients.

I had my mini-facial last week after a four day Indian wedding and before a weekend wedding in Spain. Needless to say my skin was suffering from late nights, too many glasses of wine and sleeping with 15 layers of foundation. I have also come to the realisation that after hitting 30, my skin isn’t as tight and pore-free as it once was.

My therapist carefully studied my skin before lifting a finger and discussing my concerns as well as what she felt my skin needed (quite frankly I was surprised she didn’t prescribe a sandpaper exfoliation and a chemical peel). Whilst I was there to learn a little about the products and not have the full Margy’s facial (I’ll be back for that one), the results were quite astounding.

I’m normally not a fan for relaxing facials; I want to be picked, steamed, masked and doused in acid to remove layers upon layers of skin. When I was told there would be no extractions and a long, relaxing massage, I thought I had it all figured out – a relaxing spa experience that would do absolutely nothing for my skin. Boy was I wrong. After my face was cleansed again and again, a range of products were massaged into my skin (and we are talking about a serious chunk of time). The specific massages were all created to lift and plump your skin – the kind of thing that we all read about but never actually do at home. Within 10 minutes I slowly began to skin into the bed whilst my face was being kneaded into all directions (with extra focus on the neck and jawline). Each product was carefully applied and I felt like my skin really absorbed every single product due to the way it was pushed and massaged into my skin – without even looking in the mirror, I could tell that I would be instantly brighter, less puffy and more radiant than the shell of a human being who walked through the door.

The final stage of the facial was a collagen face and eye mask (who doesn’t love a sheet mask) – this was quite literally a cool drink of water for my parched skin. Whilst my face was soaking up all the goodness from the mask, I had the most relaxing shoulder massage I’ve had in a long time.

I was floored when I saw myself in the mirror – it looked like I’d had a lunchtime lift. My skin felt drastically tighter and was miles less puffy than it appeared only thirty minutes before. There were no rogue dry-patches or dark circles under my eyes.

This is the perfect pre-party or holiday pick me up for you skin when you need it looking on point. Because it’s not an aggressive facial you will walk out glowing and radiant. The products themselves are amazing – the perfect balance between natural and medical ingredients that actually work (I am currently stalking two masks on the website).

To book a facial at Grace Belgravia contact them here.

To read more about Margy’s Monte Carlo and their product line find them here.

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