My mother has waist length thick blonde hair (think Jerry Hall with extensions); sadly this was something that I never inherited. My quest for the perfect head of hair has been something I’ve struggled with for decades. I’ve tried to grow my hair and stay bright blonde which clearly hasn’t worked. 

My wonderful hairdresser Limoz Logli (a must if you’re looking for perfect hair in London) has transformed my hair over the years. I started with over processed, broken hair and am slowly seeing my hair grow stronger and most importantly longer. I’ve tried to pick up as many tips as I could throughout my hair journey and have perfected the products which I use to repair my hair along the way.

The most important step of my journey has been learning that I can’t be bright blonde and expect my hair to survive. I’ve gone from being Pamela Anderson blonde to dark chocolate and back again. It’s important to try and not switch up your colour constantly and kill your hair. Limoz has kept me blonde without touching my roots and has placed the colour strategically that I am now colouring my hair twice a year as opposed to once every other month. 

Limoz Logli Hair

Secondly I have really learnt about products and the best treatments to keep my hair looking fresh, strong and healthy. I now totally avoid conditioner and use two treatments each week when I wash my hair. The first being Olaplex which is a pre-shampoo treatment that rebuilds and strengthens the hair. This does not condition the hair so it’s important to do a deep conditioning once a week to make this happen. Oribe’s Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment is a new favourite. I use a 50p sized piece and spread it throughout my ends, twist my hair into a topknot and go to sleep. The next morning I double shampoo and am left with hair like spun silk. This nourishes damaged hair with a blend of oils that helps minimise breakage and hydrates the hair.

I have also made sure that in order to preserve my colour I’m using a shampoo designed to remove any brassy tones and keep my blonde bright and nourished. Oribe’s Bright Blonde Shampoo does the trick, it’s gentle, moisturising and keeps my hair the perfect shade of butter blonde. This is gentle enough to use every wash and will not leave your hair with a purple tint. Like all of Oribe’s products this is free from nasties.

As far as post-wash products, I have been using Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner which helps me effortlessly brush my hair and keeps my hair soft and sleek.

On top of this I try to get a treatment in salon every other week alternating between Olaplex and a deep conditioning treatment. Paired with taking my trusted Pantogar hair vitamins I have noticed a drastic improvement.

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