• Sick Days

    27th January 2018

    There is a wave of flu sweeping through London. I woke up a few days ago feeling like I had the worst hangover of my life even though I had gone to

  • Hayo’u Method: Face

    26th November 2017

    I recently was introduced to Katie Brindle and the Hayo’u Method. After writing about the body products (including my absolute favourite bath salts), it’s high time that I discussed another gem; the

  • Sephora VIB Sale

    5th November 2017

    Roll up, roll up. Just as I had settled into my self-imposed beauty ban, I get an email letting me know that Sephora’s biannual VIB sale is about to commence. Never one

  • Hayo’u Method

    14th September 2017

    In July I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Brindle who created Hayo’u. The Hayo’u Method puts you in control of mastering your health – mostly by focusing on reducing stress. It’s

  • Glossier

    28th August 2017

    I was once the girl who kept up with every makeup launch (including the multiple gimmicky collections brought out by Mac which is becoming hard to keep up with). That being said,

  • SPF – The Real Deal

    1st August 2017

    The world of SPF’s is a bit of a maze even to a self confessed skincare addict. It’s certainly no news that we should be wearing an SPF every day unless we

  • Margy’s Facial at Grace Belgravia

    19th June 2017

    Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for skincare. For us beauty junkies, learning that there’s a new kid in town is our golden ticket. Margy’s Monte Carlo is a

  • Hair Journey – Stage One

    1st March 2017

    I feel like I’ve been at the beginning point of my hair journey for the longest time. Whenever I seem to get my hair in great condition I then decide to load

  • Tom Ford Beauty

    17th February 2017

    I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Not only do have I have the greatest group of friends imaginable, they also have pretty rocking careers. Imagine my face when a big Tom

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