• Guilt Free Banana Bread

    20th February 2017

    I’ve developed a baking habit. Twice a week my 20 month old daughter and I bake a sweet but guilt free treat that’s fast enough to keep a toddler entertained and simple enough

  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise: Bumps & Burpees

    20th June 2016

    I realise that I have done very few blog posts on my pregnancy and the aftermath. I want to keep SLSstyle as far away from being a mom-blog as possible but it’s

  • Recipe: Stuffed Peppers

    15th October 2015

    Since I got pregnant, I’ve made a conscious effort to cook more and research exactly what I’m putting into my body. I have turned my back on food packed with additives, sodas

  • Update

    4th June 2015

    Apologies for the radio silence. I promise that I have a good reason why; my daughter was born last week and life as I know it changed instantly. I will be back

  • Hospital Bag

    20th May 2015

    My due date is fast approaching. To celebrate the end of my pregnancy (and most likely my final pregnancy post) I wanted to write about what is stuffed inside my hospital bag.

  • Exercising During Pregnancy

    20th April 2015

    My gym routine has really manned up in the past 16 months. On the build up to my wedding I was training 5-6 times a week and even though I built more

  • Personal Update

    3rd April 2015

    As you can probably tell by now my posts have become a little less frequent as have my travel posts. I’m armed with a fairly plausible excuse; I’m expecting my first baby

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