It’s finally spring. That means shedding the black, oversized shapelessness I’ve been covered in for the past few months and get out of hibernation mode (that means it’s also time to break up with my  relationship I’ve developed with Deliveroo). It may be spending half my life growing up in suburban California which made me love all things gingham but whatever it was as soon as I saw this high-waisted midi skirt set (which covers a multitude of sins) I knew I had to have it. Let’s not kid ourselves, I wasn’t going to add pearls and a pair of sensible shoes to this – I am a Londoner after all. Cue a pair of impossibly high Alaia sandals which I bought a whopping six years ago (they’re so good that they’ve just been re-released for all of those slow on the bus) and a beaten up Stella McCartney coat/jacket/sleeping bag.

Skirt & matching tube top – Zara

Shoes – Alaia (find them in gold here or black here)

Jacket – Stella McCartney (similar here)

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