I always find that September makes me excited for cooler weather dressing; this wears off after a few weeks when inevitably I end up in my fathers old cashmere sweater, gym leggings and a pair of Ugg boots that would ward off any man with a ten foot pole. That being said, the inner Barbara Martelo in me is vying after these things for a complete fall capsule wardrobe.


One of my only purchases so far for autumn has been a pair of fringed Saint Laurent Niki boots. I saw these and couldn’t quite fathom with having to deal with seeing sold out next to my size when the weather is right in a few short weeks. These are a nod to the 80s and have an incredibly comfortable, cone shaped heel that looks badass but also won’t tear up your feet. I like these best with black jeans, slightly scrunched down with a skinny knit.

Saint Laurent Niki

The second pair of boots which will be mine as soon as they hit Matches website are these studded ankle boots from Isabel Marant. Traditionally, I seem to always end up buying a pair of Isabel Marant boots every winter and each and every pair I own, I adore.

Isabel Marant Lakky


I think I’ve probably reached my knitwear threshold – there’s no more room at the inn. However, I do have my eye on a fabulous Chloe sweater with reminds me of something my mother had (in four different colours) when I was growing up. Luckily for me, this also comes in four different colour ways however just in case my husband is reading this, I’m only going for the one.

Chloe Sweater


I feel like I’ve had a hiatus buying bags, the 30 year old Sophia is reaching for more practical models and not changing her bag daily. I seem to go for the classic buys that just work with me and my life – I’m a busy, unorganised mother who loses credit cards, keys and her marbles on a daily basis. I currently have my eye on the new Dioraddict bags from (you guessed it), Dior. These are a sensible size, not too big, not too small and can fit your Smythson’s diary (whose life would be over without these, mine would certainly), keys, credit card, some gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free snack made from a South American berry for your toddler and a lip balm (shoutout to Glossier’s Balm Dot Com). It’s in my favourite classic Dior denim logo print (or you can get the smarter one with the tacky strap) that takes me way back to Carrie’s long New York walks with Aiden.


The second bag that will earn a place in my wardrobe is the West Hollywood bag from Saint Laurent. This is sleek, streamlined and bullshit free. It’s just an easy, thoughtless piece that looks chic and works anywhere and with anything (it also looks fairly easy to clean which is handy when your daughter is going through a phase where she likes to decorate absolutely everything I own).

saint laurent west hollywood


I do believe that I’m developing a problem hoarding coats. After discovering The RealReal, I’ve really tried to go with a one-in, one-out policy when it comes to bulkier pieces (plus I’m not sentimental with clothes – if you’re not getting worn then it’s ta-ta for now).

I’ve always wanted a robe coat and this little gem from Alexander Wang is one of the best that I’ve seen. It’s classic, edgy, comfortable and incredibly well made. I cannot wait to snuggle up in this and look put together even if I’m wearing my pyjamas underneath on the school run.

Alexander Wang black coat

Isabel Marant Etoile has hit the ball out of the park for winter fashion. Their pieces are reasonable, wearable and effortless (yes, yes and yes). This knitted ankle length Overton coat is perfect for autumn and wearing over a t-shirt and jeans. I bought mine to be extra fitted so it won’t give for a chunky knit underneath.

Isabel Marant Overton

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