If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I spend a lot of time in California with my family. My family are between the Bay Area and Santa Barbara so I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of my time drifting between the two places. It’s my second home, my daughter was born here, it’s part of who I am. Every summer my family and I migrate to California for weeks on end of long days spent on the beach, endless amounts of Mexican food, hiking up the sides of mountains and cruising around costal roads. Unlike in LA, my wardrobe here is relaxed, effortless and easy. My California is more surf town beach to dinner than Barneys to Cecconi’s (which can also be fun from time to time).

Throw On Dresses

Without a doubt, I find throwing on a dress the easiest option in summer. These can be paired with a pair of $5 flip flops or jazzed up with silk flats for evenings out. Anything that’s light, floaty and can go over a swimsuit has the thumbs up from me. Packing versatile pieces is important, especially with the colder climate in the north.

I’ve made no secret of my love for HVN dresses, these epitomise easy summer dressing. Perfectly cut in whimsical patterns in silk – what’s not to love? This periwinkle version has to be one of my favourites but I’m debating whether I need to add another to my growing arsenal or if it’s just getting obscene at this point. This isn’t helped by spotting this beauty which is a whopping 70% off right now.


My star buy of the season has to be Balenciaga’s printed maxi dress. Again in silk this has been my evening go to look and also looks smashing with denim jackets and a pair of bitchy hoop earrings. It’s also on sale right now so if you need this then jump.

Finally, where would my suggestions be without adding in a few slip dresses. I can’t seem to get enough of these. My favourite is a 1930s ivory silk dress with a ruffled collar which I found on Etsy. Second to that I’ve got my eye on this bright fuchsia Alexander Wang number which would be perfect with a pair of Vans to grab an ice cold glass of wine after a long day.


Easy California living requires simple beachwear; forget itsy-bitsy bikinis with 510 straps that may get you a few looks in St Tropez. You need something that you can actually use to swim, sunbathe and wear with a pair of shorts to pick up a green juice when the sun gets a little too much.

Lisa Marie Fernandez makes great one pieces that would work for surf days, or at least looking like you’re into surfing. When the sun goes down just lower the zip, put on a pair of your favourite beaten up denim shorts and you’ve got yourself an entire days worth of outfits.

Hunza G is another great option. Forgiving, flattering and simple these are so easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. Their olive green Domino one piece is my favourite of all and would be a great one to wear chasing my three year old down the beach and making sand castles.

Finally where would a swimsuit section be without my beloved Eres? They don’t seem to put a foot wrong in my eyes and the swimwear I have has stood the test of time and still looks and feels as good as the day I bought them. This Nicoletta two piece is the absolute top of my wishlist and will look great with a California tan (and an ice cold beer).


When I’m not on the beach (or wearing gym clothes), I tend to wear love-worn t-shirts, baggy jeans or shorts. There’s something special about not having to really think about what you’re putting on and knowing that it will work for you. Most parts of California is extremely casual so making the most of every opportunity to not get overdressed, wear makeup or even consider brushing my hair is most certainly a plus.

I was recently introduced to Madewell Jeans and so far, so good. After being floored at how expensive jeans are nowadays these have a refreshing price point and an even better fit. The Perfect Summer jeans are just that, the perfect light wash, the perfect fit and crop at the ankle and the perfect worn in look.

Finally where would we all be this summer without a pair of denim shorts. Re/Done have long made my favourite denim shorts. They were the flea market find that I could never seem to get my hands on made easy.




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