Ok, let’s get one thing straight; SLSstyle is not becoming an Erin Wasson fan page. Yes she may have her own unique sense of style, yes she may just quite literally be as cool as Jeff Bridges (on second thoughts…) and yes she may have bone structure that would even leave Kate Moss at a loss but I’m currently lusting after her latest collaboration with the Miami based concept store Alchemist. Erin is no stranger to creating swaths of her signature chunky androgynous jewellery. This collection is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before; it’s all inspired by ‘the art of smoking’ (whether I agree if smoking is an art form is another story).

These pieces are original yet classic; my favourite is the box bag similarly fashioned to a cigarette packet on a long chain which would hold all your necessities come summertime (cash, lip balm and a single key).

Find Alchemist here.

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