Much like brushing my teeth or washing my face, exercise is part of my daily routine. Even on my ‘off’ days, I like to make sure that I’m moving (having a baby really helps me get outside and on the go). When the gym was unknown territory to me and a Smith machine seemed like a medieval torture device, I was happy to wear my fathers old t-shirts, a pair of leggings that had gone from black to a kind of charcoal grey sludge colour and shoes that took me through my sixth form journey as netball captain. Nowadays I like to think that although I’m not wearing head to toe Stella McCartney for Adidas and mastering French braids and tinted moisturiser (shame on you for wearing makeup to the gym), I have stepped up what I wear to do burpees, barre and bosu balancing.


My go-to gym uniform consists of black ankle length tights, black sports bra and a t-shirt with an oversized cosy cashmere sweater and a pair of shocking neon Nike’s. After trying out an encyclopaedic array of gym clothes, it’s safe to say that I’ve found what works for me. My leggings of choice are from Lorna Jane and the Core Performance Stretch Leggings by Lucas Hugh. These both feel like a second skin, are tight enough that you aren’t constantly trying to prevent a builders bum doing a downward dog and won’t look sheer under bright studio lights. Lucas Hugh also makes fantastic sports bras and basic tops with built in bras which are incredibly flattering; I’m almost tempted to pair this with a pair of black skinny jeans and call it a day.

Keeping it Upbeat

Trying to break away from the monotony of black on black on black (on black), I’ve tried to incorporate some colour and patterns into my workout wardrobe. Enter The Upside. This is a recent discovery but I have been pleasantly surprised by the standout quality of their sports bras and printed leggings. My current favourite are these Scandinavian printed leggings and matching bra top which will make a trip to Barry’s Bootcamp a little less agonising (be quick, they’re also on Final Sale on Net-a-Porter).

Fashionable Feet

As I mentioned previously, I have a thing for neon Nike’s. Somehow they make a drizzly morning walk to the gym a little brighter. If I had space in my little London apartment, I would dedicate an entire room to gym shoes (lucky dog Khloe Kardashian). My current favourites are my newest additions, the Juvinate’s in Mint Green, Air Zoom Pegasus for running and more cardio based workouts and finally my trusty AirMax 2016 for strength training. I try to make sure that I have as much support as possible, especially when running – Fly Knit’s just don’t cut the mustard anymore.

Keeping Warm

Unless you live in California or Dubai winters are wintery. The February chill makes bundling up to get to the gym a necessity. I like to keep things simple, a puffer jacket, cozy knit scarf and a chunky cashmere sweater topped off with a snuggly hat (and gloves if it’s blisteringly cold outside). My puffer jacket of choice is a no-brainer; Moncler. There are a zillion different variations but Matches carry great options (see below). As far as sweaters, I love wearing oversized cashmere from GAP (the mens section) as anything tight on sweaty post-workout limbs gives me the heeby-jeebys. My other go-to is my wrap cardigan from Ballet Beautiful that makes me look like I’ve been auditioning for a leading role in The Nutcracker, chic, flattering and whisper thin (which makes it perfect for hitting a chilly Pilates reformer class).

These are the bits and pieces that I turn to when I get my Iza Goulart workout on. What are your gym clothing essentials?

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