A few months ago I was asked to partake in IFF’s worldwide campaign Fur Now. Fur is a hot topic but I happily accepted as I wanted to portray my message on how damaging fast fashion and faux or plastic fur is for the environment. The research on the environmental impact of faux fur is stunning, particularly for a ‘wear once’ purchase. Animal fur takes six to twelve months to break down, where plastic fur can take up to 1,000 years. The washing of faux fur also releases an average of 1,900 tiny particles of plastic which eventually end up in the ocean.

I wanted to discuss my relationship with fur, namely a coat that my mother bought in the late 70s when she was young and then passed on to me. It still is in immaculate condition and has become an heirloom which will be passed down to my daughter when she’s older and not resting in a landfill polluting the environment or made in a sweat shop.

Sophia Lucie-Smith

Shooting the campaign was an adventure. The team followed me around London for a day, on a walk around Hyde Park and trawling Portobello Market. It was important to everyone that who I am really took center stage as well as my personal views on fast fashion and following trends.

Sophia Lucie-Smith

Following my day of videoing, two days were spent shooting in a London studio where I was interviewed (my favourite part) and met up with the other members of the campaign, each of which have their own distinctive role within the industry and spread throughout the world. It was an eyeopening experience and quite frankly something I will never forget. This experience has not only strengthened my views on buying pieces which have wearability in your wardrobe but cemented the notion that you should always consider and wear what you want. 

Please see the final video below and let me know your thoughts.

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