I’m incredibly lucky to count numerous talents and up and coming designers as friends. I have previously featured interviews with creative friends including Victoria Baker-Harber of Elle-en-Jette, Leila Kashanipour of LeiVanKash and Alexandra Declaris. Sarah Alhassan is an equally gifted young designer who recently launched her line Sarah Noor which features delicate, classic pieces with a twist that will surely be at the top of every fashionistas Christmas list. She is definitely one to watch with her designs being featured in Vogue and being seen on the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora and Giuliana Rancic.

What lead you to create Sarah Noor?

Jewellery has always been a passion of mine; I have been designing my own jewellery for years now. It’s incredibly fun to sketch up a piece and see it manifest into real life, I’m so grateful to have found and fostered my passion.

What is your main source of inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from bespoke jewellery from different eras. I enjoy researching every aspect behind a design, and then try to modernize classic/timeless fundamentals into my designs.

Who would you like to see wearing your jewellery?

My client is confident and feminine. She is ageless; Sarah Noor jewellery has an assortment of pieces that caters to different aesthetics. Jewellery is so personal, its always exciting to see what women choose.

Describe your current collection

Pretty Little Things Collection, is a twist on timeless classics, I designed these pieces with a modern appeal, very minimal and delicate which are perfect for stacking and layering or just wearing on their own, this collection can be taken from day to night in an instant. The Pyramid Collection has a bolder aesthetic, extracting components from geometrical designs for a more contemporary look. Keeping the element of elegance is imperative in all the collections, more so when creating statement pieces such as the Pyramids. My aim for Sarah Noor jewellery is to be the perfect investment piece in any woman’s jewellery box.

What is your favourite piece?

I would have to say the baby baguette diamond earring. Baguettes are one of my favorite diamond cuts, typically seeing them in grander pieces – I tried to modernize and make my version more wearable for everyday.

What are the future plans for Sarah Noor?

I plan on excelling, learning and growing in the fine jewellery market. I want to keep searching for inspiration and putting my heart into designs that women would love to wear.  Nothing makes a woman happier than a beautiful piece of jewellery.  I hope to establish Sarah Noor as a household name. Another goal of mine is to raise awareness for orphans in need. Portions of the proceeds are going to charities focused on this issue.

Where can your pieces be purchased?

Sarah Noor can be purchased directly through www.sarahnoor.com by placing an order via email. Sarah Noor can also be purchased through www.Kabiri.com. Sarah Noor was launched in July 2014; I am so blessed to have received such wonderful reviews and incredible press from household publications and celebrity support in such a short period of time. Hopefully stocking Sarah Noor in established retailers will be the next step for 2015!

Find Sarah Noor here, Twitter here and Instagram here.

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