My due date is fast approaching. To celebrate the end of my pregnancy (and most likely my final pregnancy post) I wanted to write about what is stuffed inside my hospital bag. Other than the obvious bits and pieces (La Perla pyjamas, granny pants, nursing bras and snuggly granny slippers) I’ve managed to put together enough goodies to turn my hospital room into a Six Senses Spa sanctuary.

First thing’s first, I need a few home comforts to make my room a little less clinical I’m bringing my favourite pillow from Charmajesty. These beautiful hand embroidered pillows are sure to add cheer to any bedroom (even a hospital). I bring my Lady L Lumbar pillow with me everywhere, it also makes the perfect travel companion.

Next thing on the list of home comforts is a blanket, this doesn’t have to be your favourite Frette cashmere blanket as it’s most likely it won’t stay pristine your entire stay. I’m bringing an easy to wash, soft blanket that should make snuggling my brand-new baby even more of a joy. Barefoot Dreams’ Cozy Blanket is the perfect option, it’s great for travel, to leave in the car or to wrap up on the sofa on chilly evenings with your favourite car-crash television.

Skincare shouldn’t be neglected over a little thing like giving birth. I’ve packed a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser and even a face mask (you never know how long you’ll be stuck in hospital for). I don’t recommend going for a peel or something too aggressive on your skin so everything I’ve brought is gentle and extra moisturising. My Eve Lom Cleanser with muslin cloth will remove any last trace of dirt and makeup without stripping the skin. Paired with a layer of La Mer Moisturising Cream your skin should appear nourished, plump and have a glow from within perfect for post-push pictures.

My exfoliator of choice if I feel my skin isn’t quite working with me is by Lancer Skincare – The Method Polish Exfoliator. This is hands down the best exfoliator that I’ve ever used. It can be used daily and certainly has some guts, this will banish dry flakey skin in an instance leaving you with the perfect canvas for a shot of moisture.

For an extra kick I’ve packed a sample size pot of Fresh Rose Mask which is a gentle hydrating mask that has a cooling effect on the skin; perfect for those hot flashes and moments of anxiety before labour kicks in. This is a fast working mask which only needs five minutes to work its magic so can also be used once your bundle of joy has arrived and it’s time to take a quick shower.

Finally, I’ve packed a set of Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks. These slap on clear masks can be left on for 30 minutes and just removed and thrown away making them fool proof and mess-free. They’ll be a life saver for the times you need to fake nine hours of sleep.

I haven’t quite decided if I’m planning on bringing makeup (this is looking more and more unlikelier by the day) but I’ll be sure to add any last minute additions below.

Let me know what were the best additions to your hospital bags.


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