As you can probably tell by now my posts have become a little less frequent as have my travel posts. I’m armed with a fairly plausible excuse; I’m expecting my first baby in about ten weeks.

I’ve been reluctant to post about my pregnancy on my blog as I wanted to avoid turning SLSstyle into a website that made expectant mothers feel guilty for not breastfeeding for 18 months or rubbing your belly hourly with a special oil made by Masai warriors during a full moon. My blog will never become that.

Pregnancy and parenting is such a personal thing and what may work for me may not work for anyone else, my views and choices may be the polar opposite to someone else’s and I would never thrust my opinions on these things into the universe (or down someones throat). SLSstyle will always remain beauty, travel and fashion orientated. That being said I have a few posts in the pipeline discussing what has worked for me the past seven months (products, people and places).

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