QMS has been a familiar name to me for a while. Not only have I heard rave reviews of the facials and medical-grade products but it was once located next to my favourite French baker Polaine off of Sloane Square (now find QMS at Grace, Belgravia). Imagine my luck when I arrived at the Oriental Spa in Bangkok to be met with a table full of QMS goodies, especially after deciding it was time for a good facial (and not the kind that doesn’t involve heavy-duty masks, exfoliating and extractions – relaxing, massage-heavy facial, no thanks).

QMS was created by Dr Erich Schulte over 25 years ago. His aim was to create a line of products to improve the appearance and wellbeing of the skin, short-term and to deliver long-lasting benefits. The products are heaped with collagen to restore, plump and smooth the skin. If this isn’t enough to get you on board, I quite frankly don’t know what is.

My treatment of choice was the 90minute Collagen Beauty Boost which promises instant results, hydrated skin and a rejuvenated, revitalised complexion (yes please). Medi facials at the Mandarin Oriental are currently held in the spa but will soon relocate to a new home based in the Authors Wing across the river by the main hotel (more on that to come).

My treatment room is larger than most Manhattan (and London) apartments. The treatment begins, I’m not sure if it was the incredible touch of my therapist or the lulling Thai music in the background but I felt instantly light, tranquil and more relaxed than I can remember feeling in a long time (a rarity with a 9 month old baby). My therapist started by cleansing my face and applying an exfoliating mask which was cooling and tingled slightly to remove dead skin. Cream after cream was applied, I couldn’t quite believe my luck having medical grade ingredients but a Thai therapist massaging my face (and later shoulders and head), turning my skin into play dough. Before the two main masks are applied, a few pores were quickly extracted and cleaned up. The first of the two masks was cold, almost like slapping on thick seaweed. I got slightly nervous when my eyes and mouth were covered with this slushy goo but this fear quickly disappeared when I felt the most unbelievable cooling sensation (which around tired eyes is better than any cold compress in town). The mask was left for about ten minutes; the cooling sensation never stops, meanwhile my therapist began to kneed my shoulders – have I just died and gone to spa heaven? The second mask was a similar thick paste but within minutes it had become rock hard. Unbelievably my skin felt plumped, hydrated and nourished once this was lifted off. The final step was massaging a serum into my skin (and SPF if requested – I was clearly going straight to bed after this).

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror, I’ve had Hydrafacials before but I have never seen my skin look so plump, healthy, glowing and young. Within 90 minutes I looked like I had just spent a week at SHA Wellness and had god-knows-what done to my face. Better yet, four days on, every single blemish I had on my face is long-gone, my redness which had been a permanent fixture on my face post-baby has also packed its bags and left. Furthermore my pores which have joyfully enlarged with age are smaller than pinpoints, I’m going to have to carry around my ID with me next time I walk into a bar.

If you’re planning on visiting Bangkok make sure you have a QMS treatment, you’ll be flabbergasted at the results and parched skin from hours on the plane will thank you.

Find more information on the spa at the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok here.

QMS products can be purchased here.

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