Even in my personal life I find it hard to open up, imagine what it feels like to write to people that I don’t know. I thought that starting the New Year off with a list of intent moving forward would be the best thing to write about this January (beauty products, wish lists etc are all second to that).

2016 has been without a shadow of a doubt the worst year of my life. My beloved father passed away almost a year ago from today; he was more than a parent, he was part of my heart, we were like peanut butter and jelly and my life has never and will never be the same. My little girl has been my shining light in a soul-destroying year; it’s brought so much into perspective. There is so much we get worked out about; gaining 5kgs after starting a relationship with Dunkin’ Donuts, having a petty fight with your sister-in-law over Instagram, having a monster pimple on your birthday or envying what a social media babe just bought from Gucci (lord knows how she got that). My first resolution for 2017 is to stop sweating the small stuff. Love the people who lift you up, cut out the people who pull you down and take ten steps back from the toxic people in your life that you can’t totally cut out.

My second and probably most important resolution is to think positively. I’m a natural negative Nancy and coaching myself to bathe in positivity isn’t going to be an easy task but as we’ve heard so many times before, whatever you think becomes. You have to trust you thoughts that they will materialise and if you want them enough they will come to you no matter how materialistic or petty (maybe marrying Ryan Gosling won’t exactly happen in this life time).

Finally, I’m planning on making 2017 the year that I will be in the best shape and my happiest yet. This is something that you are totally in control of; I want to be a good example to my daughter, get strong, healthy and happy in order to be the best mother, wife, daughter and friend I can possibly be.

I want to wish you all a wonderful start to 2017 and would love to hear some of your resolutions. I’m looking forward to sharing another 12 months with you.

Sophia xoxo

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