The Capri Palace holds a special place in my heart; it’s where I was married two and a half years ago and spent many a summer working on a deep Italian tan by the pool with a fresh bellini in hand. Before my wedding, I spent a week at the Capri Beauty Farm primping and pruning myself in the spa having a tailor made programme made for me by the resident Doctor (slash magician), Professor Francesco Canonaco. A large part of the recommended treatments were the Capri Leg School™ which promises to deliver lighter feeling legs, inch loss, detoxification and increased circulation (there’s nothing about any of those things that doesn’t have me feeling slightly giddy).

Fast forward two and a half years and my biggest regret over summer wasn’t drinking too much tequila in Mykonos, or eating truffle pizza like I was trying to move up a weight class for an MMA fight, it was not visiting Capri so I could overindulge in Leg School treatments morning till night. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that Grace Belgravia had partnered up with the Capri Beauty Farm and had just launched their Leg School™ in the same city as me.

I must admit that I knew very little about Grace Belgravia and after spending a day there I had to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask myself why. The facilities are up to date and beautiful, the space is decorated with plush armchairs, De Gournay wall paper and filled with natural light. I wasn’t surprised to see many of the members practically move in each morning to conduct emails or start their work for the day; it’s a glorious space. The treatments on offer are beyond extensive, you can get practically every health or beauty concern taken care of here; need a nutritionist, a holistic healer, a facial with Ziggie Bergman (which has been described as one of London’s best facial treatments) or even a colonic (more on this to come)? Grace has got it.

I was interested to see how the Leg School™ would translate from Capri to buzzy central London – I clearly wasn’t expecting a rooftop view of Anacapri and balmy mediterranean temperatures. My treatment was carried out in a private room near the steam room and sauna off of the changing area. Unlike in Capri, this treatment is done solo and felt slightly more relaxing and therapeutic. The treatment begins with your legs being covered with thick, chilly mud which gets the circulation going and start eliminating toxins out of the legs. Everything has been formulated with plants and herbs which are full of vitamins and minerals to stimulate circulation and banish any water retention. After the mud is washed off, cold bandages are wrapped around your legs – the sharp coolness of the medicated bandages quickly dissipates and is followed by a wonderful neck and head massage (unlike at the Capri Palace spa). I chose to have an eye mask on to enjoy every last drop of my treatment before returning to normality and a demanding toddler. The final stage of the treatment is rubbing ice cubes over the legs followed by a blast of hot water, this is repeated over and over again. This alone is brilliant for circulation and reducing cellulite and veins. Unlike in Italy where you have to walk through freezing cold and boiling hot pools, you don’t have to move a muscle at Grace. This is all done by your therapist on your bed – perfect for those of us who simply want results without having to lift a finger.

It is recommended that this is followed by a lymphatic drainage massage or done in a course of six to achieve maximum results-  but instantly after my one treatment, my legs and feet felt miles less puffy (I’ve always struggled with water retention) and my skin felt tighter. I can’t imagine the difference after a course, especially during the build up to Christmas parties; this is the ultimate treatment to accompany mini dresses and sore feet from insensible shoes. Grace are also combining the Leg School™ with nutritionist Gabriela Peacock’s metabolic diet (a food plan based on a comprehensive analysis of your personal information and extensive laboratory testing where Grace prepares food and delivers it directly to you). This is the perfect way to improve energy levels and shift stubborn fat.

Prices from £220 for 75 minutes

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