Meat Free Week starts today. Normally the first thing I would do is make myself a bacon butty and continue on as usual. This year I’ve decided to give it a go. I’ve always had wild dreams of becoming a raw vegan and waking up to a giant bowl of chopped fruit so this week was going to gently test me to see what I made of it. Meat Free Week encourages us to think about the quantity of meat that we consume, where it comes from, the animals and their welfare and the effect that meat has on our overall health.

Speaking for myself, I do try to make sure that most of the meat that I cook and consume at home is organic, free range (for chicken) and grass fed however I never seem the question the origin of my meat outside of home. We’ve all seen images of battery farmed chickens up to their eyeballs in filth, living in deplorable conditions and probably continuously injected with antibiotics and other medications to keep them growing and alive before they are slaughtered. What we put into our body directly affects our health and the way we feel on a day to day basis.

By doing meat free this week I hope that my energy levels shoot up and that I take more time and care to discover where the meat that I consume comes from. offers a plethora of recipes to try throughout the week; these range from salads to sweet treats to our favourite comfort foods (think pizza and hamburgers). There are recopies from Jamie Oliver and Ella Woodward from Deliciously Ella (whose book I’m waiting for with baited breath).

Please let me know if you’re going to attempt to go meat free this week and let me know how it goes!

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