Last week I was invited to spend an afternoon at Ilapothecary on Kensington Church Street in London. The timing couldn’t have been better. I’ve been feeling tired, run down and like I’m a day away from picking up one of the many bugs floating around my daughters nursery school.

Ilapothecary offers an extensive selection of treatments and sells products for various ailments which are 100% natural and organic. Their aim is to create solutions and remedies for the stresses of modern day life. Upon arrival I met with Sophie who had me answer a lengthy and detailed questionnaire which would give her more insight into my imbalances so my treatment could be tailored to focus on healing me correctly. Fifty questions later Sophie explained my results; I have an imbalanced spleen which is a result of stress (something that I’m fairly certain all Londoners battle with) and my adrenals aren’t at their peak which causes fatigue. The results of this dictated not only the treatment which I would receive but which products would help balance me out.


I was introduced to Pedro who performed the SOS Immune System Support massage. The treatment starts with steam inhalation which is meant to prepare the body for the massage and allow the products to work more efficiently. The treatment was a blend of massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and energy healing. I must say that 15 minutes into the treatment I was quickly lulled into one of the deepest vegetative states I can remember being in for a long time. This was quite frankly one of the most incredible massages I’ve ever received and the wash of relaxation was breathtaking. I felt like I had been reborn (and was ready for 18 hours of deep sleep following this). In this day and age it’s hard to leave stress and worry at the door but for the first time in many years, my mind wasn’t focused on what I was going to make for dinner and paying my latest Thames Water bill.

As well as having the treatment, I’ve been trying out some products at home which were carefully picked by Sophie to continue booting my daily stresses out the door. I’ve been regularly using the SOS Body Balm post shower which is a pre-bedtime treat for tired, sore muscles and promotes tranquility and calm. I’ve also been glued to the Digital Face Mist which has taken prime position on my night stand which relaxes the nervous system and restores and rebalances the skin. The other two star products (which if you’re reading this and a friend of mine expect for Christmas) is the Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak and the Vitamin Rich Face Oil. Anyone who knows me will know loud and clear how much I love a bath and oils.


I am already looking forward to booking in another treatment at Ilapothecary and picking up some more natural goodies for my bulging bathroom shelves. Everything is priced incredibly well; the treatments are all priced around £65. Ilapothecary also offers healing workshops weekly which include Breathing and Relaxation Classes, Sound Healing and Yoga. This is the perfect one stop shop for banishing stress and getting a handle on relaxing and treating your body and soul with the care that we all deserve.

Visit Ilapothecary here or a 99 Kensington Church Street, W8 7LN.

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