There is a wave of flu sweeping through London. I woke up a few days ago feeling like I had the worst hangover of my life even though I had gone to be at 10pm the night before with a cup of camomile tea. It’s so easy to sit in bed and feel rotten but even when I’m feeling like I’ve been hit by a tour bus I like to try and use my day wisely and try and nourish my body and spoil myself as much as I can.

Have a Bath

We’ve all been there where we fester in bed in the same pyjamas from the night before and don’t bother brushing our teeth but nothing feels better than having a quick soak, washing your face, brushing your teeth and hair when you’re down in the dumps. Having a warm bath (not scalding like my usual nightly dips) with essential oils (eucalyptus to help unblock stuffed up noses, lavender to help lull you to sleep, rose to just make you feel like a human being again or even a dash of lemongrass to pep you up) or even Epsom salts for the ultimate detox can make a world of difference. Aromatherapy Associates have the most fantastic bath oils for a plethora of different niggles. Breathe Bath & Shower Oil is especially formulated to help ward off the signs of a common cold and allow you to breathe a little easier. Filled with eucalyptus, pine and peppermint this will not only unblock stuffy noses but it will relax achey muscles. A great product to have in a bath time arsenal (or a gift for a sickly friend).

Another loved bath product is MIO’s Liquid Yoga. This was a pregnancy discovery which I have continued to use; it really does relax muscles (great for post-workouts) and helps me unwind. It’s meant to act as a massage in a bottle which I would say is taking it a stretch too far but my skin feels supple and nourished post bath but most importantly rested and calm.


Post-bath, I like to make sure that I’m moisturising my skin so even if I’m feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead, my skin is glowing. I like to use a body oil as much as a can because I feel like you get more bang for you buck and I also feel like it’s a fast option when all you want to do is crawl right back into bed. My current favourite facial oil is the Hayo’u Beauty Oil which I strongly recommend using with the jade Beauty Restorer massage tool – this can be done in bed watching with a junky TV series on Netflix. This is the most nourishing facial oil I’ve used yet and yet doesn’t leave my skin feeling blocked or greasy. I look like I’ve had a serious facial and my skin quite literally glows. Paired with the Beauty Restorer massage tool I’ve noticed that the texture of my skin has drastically improved and fine lines have diminished.

For body I switch between Serenity Body Oil by Mauli or a Palmer’s Coconut Oil which is a fraction of the price. The Serenity Body Oil is a thick, dry oil which is instantly absorbed into the skin but leaves a healthy sheen. The aroma is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic – this has become a real luxury product.


I tend to lose my appetite when I’m sick and instead of picking on a few pieces of bread throughout the day I would rather make myself a gigantic smoothie filled with goodies to treat my body as well as I possibly can. My current favourite ingredients are:

-Frozen berries

– Spirulina Powder

-Flax and hemp seeds

-Probiotics (keep these refrigerated)

-Handful of fresh spinach

-Almond milk

-Sprinkling of chia seeds

If I can manage I also like to make a shot filled with fresh lemon juice, a dash of cayenne pepper and ginger to really keep my sickness at bay. Please make sure to take probiotics regularly, especially if you’re taking medicine (in this case I like to double up). My favourite probiotics without questions are Udo’s Choice Super 8. They have kept my digestion running like clockwork and reduced my persistent bloating dramatically ever since I’ve used them.


Finally, I like to put on a great (and clean) pair of pyjamas and get into bed with a book. My pyjamas of choice are two pieces and cotton just like these from Skin below.

It’s so easy to switch on mindless television but at the ripe old age of 30, I’ve really started to enjoy having time to read a book. I’m currently reading Rules of Civility by Amor Towles which I have been enjoying immensely.

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