After a long hiatus from travelling (a baby tends to do that), I’m finally back in South East Asia preparing for a week of pampering, eating farfetched fruits and enjoying blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Before my barrage of travel posts hits my blog, I thought I’d address my necessities (other than 15 bikinis, uncomfortably high heels which will no doubt NEVER be worn and a different gym outfit for every single day). I wanted to give myself a pat on the back for not packing up the entirety of my bathroom and whittling my travel supply down to the bare basics.

1. Skincare

I’m one of those unlucky sods whose skin gets majorly affected by airplanes and travelling.  I like to have a beauty arsenal to keep my face looking glowy, healthy, hydrated and above all else, clear. My airplane skincare routine is probably terrifying to some; I turn long haul flights into my own personal spa. I’m not quite sure what other travellers make of it or how much I’m frightening my neighbour in 5F with my ghostly sheet mask but once my skin looks rested, plumped and hydrated in the immigration queue, I don’t give a toot (post coming soon).

It’s important to have lots of hydrating products on hand as well as a secret weapon if my skin decides to erupt. These are the products that I’ve travelled with the past few trips I’ve been on. Tried and tested, I think I may have managed to create the perfect assortment of skin and health necessities.

Face Masks/Treatments

I love a good face mask; this is becoming a problem in my small London bathroom. During travels I always make sure that I have a few within reach. My current favourites are Shiseido’s Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Pure Retional Express Smoothing Eye Mask (try saying that ten times in a row) which are the perfect post-flight pick-me-up. These feel creamy, soothing and instantly leave fine lines filled, dark circles brightened and dry skin pumped full of moisture. What’s best is that they are lightning fast; you’ll go from zombie slasher film eyes to red carpet sparkle within minutes.

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Mask is probably as necessary as a toothbrush. I slap on one of these my first night away and wake up looking like I’ve slept for 15 hours and have just walked out of a serious facial. Skin is plumped, moisturised and has a healthy, youthful radiance which lasts for days. It may be ruinously expensive but I’d take this over four Hendrick’s and tonics any day.

A lot of us tend to leave exfoliators at home when we travel. Natura Bisse’s C+C Vitamin Scrub is gentle enough not to rub off an entire layer of skin (which won’t feel great by the pool) but gets the job done and is packed with vitamin C to nourish parched, tired skin. This also helps retain hydration and won’t leave you feeling dry or tight. My favourite Sara Happ Lip Scrub also comes on holiday with me, this is the perfect evening trip for chapped lips which I feel is part of the perks of air travel. This comes in a variety of flavours, the limited edition Midnight Blueberry is already winging its way to London for summer.


I like to have a gentle, nourishing oil with me on hand at all times. My favourite is still Evan Healy’s Rosehip Treatment Serum. This little wonder comes in a teeny tiny bottle (more room for those cheeky duty-free purchases) and gives you that Gigi Hadid glow without hours in a makeup chair and a professional facialist on call. This regenerates skin, aids speedy repair, combats hyper pigmentation, restores moisture, purifies skin, minimises imperfections and helps eradicate fine lines (anything else?). At $28 this is a total no-brainer.

La Mer’s Concentrate is the latest part of my routine. I have had this for a grand total of three days; my jaw dropped to the ground when I woke up after using this at bedtime. This thick serum reduces the signs of imperfections (scarring, hyper pigmentation etc) in a flash. If you’re anything like me and the slightest blemish leaves red blotches on your face for weeks, you need this. I woke up and 80% of my blemishes and redness caused by hormonal acne was gone. I don’t think I have enough words or witty statements to make to praise this product enough. Concentrate is also a godsend to have during travels as it will normalise whatever your skin throws at you making it the perfect travel companion.

I don’t need to remind you, don’t forget to pack your SPF.

2. Health Care

I always travel with tea bags. Call me strange but there’s something comforting about having your own cup of tea on the plane and being able to enjoy a 5 o’clock cup of your favourite Ksumi detox tea. Even though lemongrass tea is something that I drink by the gallon daily in Thailand, it’s wonderful to have a selection. This time I brought Traditional Medicinals Weightless to help battle the epic water retention that comes hand in hand with long-haul travelling. Pukka’s Cleanse tea also wing its way to Thailand as a soothing and light evening tea to have nightly in my room.

A morning without a glass of water and a scoop of Nano Greens just doesn’t feel right. It may be large and bulky but I have to start my day right. I started taking this when I was pregnant after being recommended by my chiropractor and haven’t looked back since. In addition to my daily Nano Greens cocktail, I like to take chlorella supplements, just to make sure that I’m as alkaline as possible and unlikely to pick up any nasty bugs while travelling. Chlorella helps leaps and bounds with energy and digestion and is also said to help rid the body of mercury. The final supplement which will always be part of my morning routine is Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Capsules. These little treasures contain all of the fatty acids (omega 3 & 6) that your body requires.

Finally, I normally always bring a ziplock bag filled with ground organic flaxseed. I sprinkle this on absolutely everything and it helps keep digestion in check and makes sure that I stay regular (which can always be a gamble when travelling). Try this daily on goats yoghurt with berries as a mid-afternoon snack.

What are your travel essentials?

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